Microsoft Window 9 Release Date, Features, News

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If the rumors are to be believed  then Microsoft may unveil window 9 at the end of 2014 or in the beginning of the 2015.  According to the current rumors the current situation is remarkably similar to the situation that existed  before the release of the Windows 7, which was the follow-up to the disaster that was Windows Vista. The same might be said for Windows 8. Windows 7 brought back the older features Microsoft ditched in Windows Vista and made it more appealing and handy . Same is expected from Window 9.

Windows 7 allowed enterprises to start moving beyond Windows XP, which was a tried and true desktop operating system that PC users were comfortable with. Windows 9 needs to do the same thing—give enterprise PC users incentives to move beyond Windows 7 and modernize their stocks of desktops, laptops and notebooks.


Winbeta claims that in Windows 9, Microsoft will do away with the Charms bar, that menu which comes from the right with buttons like search, share, start and settings.  It is believed that the stands out is having a button up near the window controls that once pressed, would reveal the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charms from the top of the window (there’s no need for a Start Button for desktop users in the charms.)”winbeta said.

It is expected that the  single beta of Windows 9, which will supposedly  appear in the summer of 2014. Microsoft will release a Release Candidate version at the end of August or the beginning of September 2014.   Windows 9 features may also include support for 3D Ultra HDTVs and for backing up and restoring data to the cloud. Microsoft is apparently working on a feature that would allow users “to basic backups of physical systems in the cloud,”

According to earlier window users ,Windows Phone and Windows RT apps should  run on both Windows Phone and Windows. Even Xbox apps should become cross compatible. Microsoft’s recent pronouncements suggest a full return of the Start menu and that Windows 8-style apps will be able to run on the desktop. Windows 9 will definitely be less traumatic a chance for desktop users.

The price of the 9th edition is expected to be extremely cheap for  Window’s users, if not free. While the latest Apple version of OS X comes complementary, there is a huge possibility that Windows 9 may follow the trend and release it for free. This is more so as other products of Microsoft are already selling big. So all the fingers crossed for brand new window!!

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