What Are You Most Proud Of – From Interview Perspective

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Interview Tips

In this article our primary point is discuss What Are You Most Proud Of – From Interview Perspective? Everyone has faced interviews as it the gateway to our future. Some are able to just knock it down and make their place and some just try and try and try till the door knocks them out. Dry mouth, sweaty hands, awkward expressions, being clumsily, don’t let this be you at your next interview.

Lots of Questions in Mind:

There are many questions an interviewer would ask just to test your presence of mind and would exactly hit you where it matters, your gray areas. The most common mistake people make while preparing for interviews is that they think of it as they are being interrogated but without any accusation without any handcuffs but what one should think of it like a one to one or one-to-many conversation. Think of it as if the people want to know about you and the truth is they really want to know about us. So be relaxed and go with the flow and represent yourself.

Don’t Nervous With Big Interview Team:

As soon as you step in the room don’t be panicked to see how many members would be there as it is the first through that comes to our mind, so don’t let your mind walk that path as it will make you more clumsily and then here comes that moment where you see them. We all know the first thing is to wish them but hold on that thought don’t wish them from the entrance itself and remember your interview starts from the very moment you say “may I come in?”

Feel Comfortable Always:

first make yourself comfortable gently close the door walk few steps towards them wish them and wait before they instruct you to sit never ever jump the gun. Most of you think that wishing someone is a cake walk and it is not the part of how you get evaluated but it is.

Don’t Wish Individually Good Morning:

Let me elaborate if there are two interviewers then wish them one at a time but if there are more than two then don’t apply the same concept of wishing them individually just say “good morning everyone” and that way you can save your as well their time and would start on a positive note. Wouldn’t it look funny when you wish let’s say panel of five and would be jerking your head every time you wish each one.

Make Eye-Contact:

Then starts the series of questions to make you comfortable and there it is the most speculated question WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? And you would start having goose bumps trying to look away and avoiding eye contacts picking up your thoughts and thinking how to duck that question but it is easy to answer that don’t say that you have one thing to be proud of you can have multiple occasions guide them through your academic details any debate you had one or participated in any conference or represented your school or college in sports or any Samaritan deeds or any other thing it could be anything. Making eye contact is also the great answer of What Are You Most Proud Of – From Interview Perspective.

Never Lose Confidence:

What they want to check is that you are confident enough while answering some out of the box questions and it shows your potential of how you would react and deal with when put into a tough situation if you possess the skills they are looking for. Deliver your response while spinning it in a way that shows how crucial you are to their business and what would bring to the table just remember one thing tread lightly. In the end we can say that you will get the answer of What Are You Most Proud Of – From Interview Perspective.

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