Top 6 Android Apps for Child Safety

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Do you want to know what are top 6 android spy apps for child safety? If not then this is the informative article for you and that’s why you should stay connects with us till end. In today time children’s use laptops and mobile phones most of the time in a day and they play games, watching videos, using different apps which is a part of children. Parents knows about cyber-crime and they always want their children away from them. So many fraud cases of internet world has effect on children life. But some of the apps provide internet security which help to your children to aware about cyber crime.

Child Safety Smartphone Apps

Here some of the Android Apps of Child Safety:

1. Vodafone Guardian:

Child Safety Smartphone Apps 2019

this application is developed for parents which provide various functions to use internet safely. You can block all this things which you don’t want to access your children. This function also block SMS, Camera functionality, Bluetooth, downloading features. This app is very helpful for parents who can control children web activity.

2. Mobile Minder:

Kids Monitoring Smartphone Apps

this is also known as parental control solution and allow then to decide which content and feature is good and bad for their children. This application is very easy to use like other app. This app is especially designed for parents who can link their mobile phone to their children mobile and monitor all children activity.

3. Kid Mode: –

Kids Safety App

This is best for those children’s who use internet and provide to change region language feature which helps in their work. This app Is designed for kids not for security but provide different services which helps children in their work.

4. Mobile :-

Mobile app for kids security

this app offer restriction range which helps parents to use internet of their children in safe mode because children is not aware about cyber world and crimes that happen on internet. In their restriction some of these activity are involved like getting internet activity reports, placing time restriction on internet uses and filtering YouTube Content etc. This is one of the best Top 6 Android Apps for Child Safety.

5. Safe Eye Mobile:

Child Safety Mobile App

This Apps is use only in Apple IPhones. Parents control all children activity which they can access in their smart phone. As the name implies safe eye mobile which means you can take care of all activity of your children smartphone and control to access other violence things.

6. My Mobile Watch Dog: –

Smartphone Apps for Child

My Mobile Watch Dog is one of the Top 6 Android Apps for Child Safety. This is used to know all internet activity of children which they can access in mobile phones. This App Provide Alert service to parents of potential inappropriate texts, videos, and photos. When this app detect any inappropriate activity in their children smartphone it give an alert to parents which helps to take action on that. All This Apps are android and run on Samsung, Apple IPhone, Micromax, LG, Nokia and other Smartphone which can support Android operating System.

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