Top 5 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2019

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iPhone is one of the most popular phones which boasts of the most extensive collections of wonderful and cool apps for techno freaks. While you enter into the iTunes, an app store of Apple, you can find plethora of coolest applications that are designed to suit your requirements. However, are you still worried that which one would be the best iphone apps and worth for it? Here in this blog you will find the cool iphone apps that you can get into your phone and enjoy using them.

Below is the Top 5 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2019 select the best one and get into your iPhone asap!

1. Color Status Bar

This is one of the fascinating apps for your iPhone. With this app, you can tweak the status bar at the top of your lock and home screen. Though, “tweak” is a bit misleading as Apple restricted their iphone app developer to customize the status bar. However, this app allows you to place status bar overlays on the home screen wallpaper and lock screens of your phone and looks a different look of bar, without disturbing the fixed assets in the iOS.

2. Acompli Email & Calendar

Acompli is designed for all the iPhone users who do not like how the Apple synchronizes the email, contacts and calendars separately in the phone. This is another popular app which supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and Gmail account. Moreover, with this special app, you can view all your emails, contacts and calendars at the same place. This app is designed so meticulously with a drop dead gorgeous design, and offers an option to the users to easily “files” view through which you can quickly view all the documents you have shared with other users. Another exclusive facility is to share your location more easily with your contacts. This is easily available in the itune app store.

3. Authentic Weather

This is one of the best weather apps till now. Its uniqueness lies in the information it provides about the current weather is outside. It provides the authentic and real information about the weather without being required to look out of the window and view it. While you will launch the app, you will be provided with the accurate weather updates like “it’s raining at the moment. You can view outside for more information”. With this app, you can also take pictures with the current weather text applied over them.

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4. Cloak — Incognito Mode for Real Life

“Cloak is an app that scrapes Instagram and Foursquare which gives you information where all your buddies , ‘friends’ and non-friends are at all time so you never have to run into that special someone. You can consider it as the antisocial network.” This is how Cloak app has been described in the first line and its captivated tens of thousands of users since. It is completely a free iphone app in the iTune store. The app is perfectly an antidote to the over sharing cultures. You can easily avoid all the people whom you sorta, kinda like but really don’t. The wonderful app allows you to “Hate Follow” people- this means you can follow people you hate on location sharing sites to avoid them in real life. With this app, FourSquare and Instagram are supported but developers are working to add Facebook support as well.

5. The Week UK

The Week is one of the most popular magazines and is often called “Twitter of Print” because it nicely summarizes the news of the last week after sorting out from all the major papers and internet sites and designed impressively a beautiful magazine.

There are a number of digital magazines but The Week is the one digital magazine which boasts of having the best interface. The Week has an excellent navigation, a clean interface and offers a great way to browse the past issues. On the first screen of this app, it gives you an option to simply swipe through a heap of issues piled on top of each other and you can find the one you are looking for, it’s simply amazing!

The users may need to subscribe for full access, however, once you are downloading the app, you can try it free for 14 days. It has also added some new features providing Daily Briefing section which includes company news, financial talking points and markets, collection of inspiring quotes, turning The Week your favourite app. Therefore, this is all about Top 5 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2019.

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