5 Tips To Boost Your Brain Power

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Have you ever empathize with your brain? Yes brain, a sensitive part of our body, yet it deals  with the major complexities. After heart it is the most essential body part, which gives signals to organs. Our mind does so many good things for us, and instead of nursing it, we make best use out of it, but we forget that the mind also has a saturation point after which it backfires. So its better to take care of your mind and follow some basic tips to enhance the brain power.


Give Optimum Nutrition To The Mind

Like other body parts, the brain also needs nutrition to function. The right choice of the diet can lead to a healthy mind and boost its power. The diet should include all types of vitamins as they are regarded as mind boosters and every vitamin has different functions to perform.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, that safeguards the brain and the nerve cells from the possible damage. It has a power to prevent the brain disorders like Alzheime. The vitamin is found in the green leafy veggies, nuts, grain, sweet potatoes on the other side

Vitamin C provides the much needed oxygen to the brain and make your system radical free.You can get the vitamin in the citrus fruits like  orange, amla, berries and etc you can also go for vitamin C supplements.

Other vitamin which can enhance the brain power is Vitamin B12. The vitamin improves the myelin and forms a protective layer to protect you from the mental problems.It also increases the alertness of the mind and prevent the memory loss, the vitamin is found in the meat products like fish, pork beef.

The folic acid is also considered as one of the important  vitamin to foster brain potential. It improves the short term memory. The vitamin is present in the leafy green vegetables and legumes, such as beans and lentils.

Drink Water

Drinking water can be a solution of many problems.It increases energy in the body and reduces fatigue and it is a natural headache  remedy. The constantly thinking about something can lead to headache. According the recent  research drinking water boost the brain performance and mental test.Water also regulates the mind function so to elude the mental illness one should consume 2 liters of water in a day.

Regular Exercising

Going for a walk, doing pranayams, exercising reduces the stress and regulate the  function of the brain.Not only this it transfers oxygen to brain. Exercise also increases concentrations of the brain, moreover, it will soothe your mind. The brain keeps functioning, while you are sleeping also, therefore  too much functioning can exhaust the brain. The exercise  controls the circulation of the blood in the brain and relaxes the mind.

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Sleep Enough

The 8 hour sleep detoxifies your mind  and helps the body to regenerate cells and remove the toxins that are built during  the day. A sound sleep relaxes the mind and improves the memory of the person. According to an old belief waking up early in the morning increases the efficiency of the brain, but it  is possible if the brain has got  ample rest. So don’t just mug the answers, give rest to your mind also.

Be Positive And Happy

It is the best mantra to lead  a happy and stress free life. One should have faith in  himself. And if the person determines to accomplish a task, then he can change the whole world. Stress and anxiety kill neurons present in the brain. The positive thinking speeds up the cell formation and reduces the tension caused by the evil thinking. So just B+.

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