How to Share Your Internet Connection on Network

You can easily share your internet connection on a local area network and wifi connection. First open control panel and click on network connection icon, you see all the network connection. After this you see three option dial up, local area network and vpn connection, you can select an option which you want to share your internet connection and then click on web setting of this connection in network task. Click on Advance Tab and choose option “allow other network users through this internet connection”. After complete this step click on check box in this setting “dial up connection conveyer to access the internet”.


If you want to share your internet connection to the other network users, then click an option “allow other network users to control or want do cancel it the click on “disable the shared network connection” check box.  In the Home network connection you can see internet connection sharing option where you can select your adapter which you want to use in internet connection. Whenever you enable your internet connection sharing system then a network adapter which is connected to Home and small offices, it generate a new static internet protocol address in communication. When it generate their new ip address the last ip address which is used in internet connection is lost and need to be configure again.

Users can also obtain their ip address from local area network to use internet connection sharing. But it only possible when you login in you pc as a administrator, user are not allow to generate ip address and make a connection on network. In this Sharing Internet connection you cannot activate your firewall for incoming connection if you share your internet connection on network. You need to install more then two network adapter in your computer to see your home networking connection. You can use this service in local area network and wifi network both.

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