Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas on a Budget

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There is nothing quite like recreating that rustic charm in your kitchen. With a little bit of imagination you can give your kitchen the right mix of warmth and that old world charm. The only word of caution is to ensure that modern functionality co-exists with aesthetic appeal.

kitchen-compressedThe easiest way to transform your kitchen is to add antique furniture. A bluestone table, for instance in your kitchen adds that timeless appeal. Heavy, Chunky Wooden Furniture is also a staple of rustic kitchens and can transform yours, effortlessly. You could also look at lighting fixtures that mimic another era. There is nothing that can beat the look of a vintage chandelier in your kitchen.

kitchen1-compressedConsider having a brick tiled floor to add a touch of that quaint look. Alternately you could go in for a distress wood floor and ceiling. In fact there is nothing like wood to create that aura. Consider having a worn wooden utility cart in your kitchen or a wood sign wall d

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