How to Remove Stretch Marks by Home Remedies

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Nowadays stretch marks are very common on the girl’s body either married or unmarried but mostly stretch marks are coming after pregnancy. Mainly stretch marks found on the abdominal wall, but also come on the upper arms, things, legs, breasts and buttocks. Most of the times stretch marks cover the large area of the body, pregnancy is the main cause of coming stretch marks. Apart from this, many other reasons cause behind stretch marks rapid growth, stress, changes in physical condition, sudden lose & gain weight etc.

The skin of body subsist of 3 main layers

  • Epidermis (outer layer)
  • Dermis (middle layer)
  • Hypodermic (deepest layer)

The stretch marks in the middle area (dermis) of skin when connective tissue is stretched ahead the potential of its affability due to the swift contraction or expansion of the skin. These marks look alike red or pink which come out on the skin surface and stretch marks is born. The stretch marks are making feel very uncomfortable or self-conscious about appearance. There are present different types of natural remedies to overcome stretch marks.

  1. Aloe Vera:

    The Aloe Vera is a perfect element to overcome lots of skin problems like acne, pimples & of course stretch marks. It is offered soothing & healing properties that allow finishing the stretch marks. There are lots of methods to apply it like you can directly rub gel of Aloe Vera on the affected area on the skin, leave it for fifteen minutes & then clean with lukewarm water. Another option is making mixture, using oil from 10 vitamin E capsules & 5 A vitamin capsules along with ¼ cup of Aloe Vera gel & then rubs this mixture on the area until it completely absorbed, repeat this procedure every day.


  1. Egg Whites:

    We all know the Eggs are rich with protein & to overcome stretch marks you need to execute just the white part of the egg that is have proteins & amino acids. Firstly cleans the affected area of the skin & then apply a layer of egg whites throughout makeup brush. When eggs are completely absorbed as dry totally then rinse that area with the cold water, at last apply some olive oil over the area to moisturize the skin. Repeat this process every day & then see the positive outcomes.


  1. Sugar:

    The white sugar is a best natural treatment to get rid from stretch marks. So make a simple paste by using some drops of almond oil with lemon juice and mix it with a tablespoon of white sugar & then apply it over the affected area. Smoothly rub this paste on stretch marks for some minutes daily before taking a shower. Just use this therapy for one month & see yourstretch marks become very lighter.


  1. Castor Oil:

    Castor oil specially used as a natural remedy to get rid from many skin problems like pimples, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines & of course to overcome stretch marks. Apply some drops of castor oil on the stretch marks and then smoothly rub for 5 to 10 minutes, then wrap that area from cotton cloth, using a heating pad to provide heat to the affected area for half an hour, daily repeat this process.


  1. Lemon Juice:

    Use lemon juice over the affected area of stretch marks, just applying some drops of it then gently rub it for some minutes. Lemon juice is best natural medicine to finish many skin problems like pimples, acne, scars etc. Rub lemon juice for 10 minutes and then clean it with lukewarm water and you can also use cucumber juice with lemon juice over the stretch marks.


  1. Olive Oil:

    Olive oil is the best source to overcome many skin problems including stretch marks. Take few drops of olive oil in hand then gently apply over the stretch mark that helps you to improve blood circulation & finished the stretch marks. Only leave it for 30 minutes so vitamin A, D & E that availed in oil easily absorbed by the skin. User can also mix olive oil with vinegar & water for making a cream to applying on the affected area.

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