Some Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

Easy ways to protect your skin from sunburn
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Protect Skin from Sunburn with the use of some skin tips. While the summers have arrived, you must be worried about your delicate skin that may be harmed when exposed to ultra violet radiations coming from the sun. Covering whole the body from top to bottom, how can you prevent sweat and its odour running down through your body and making your feel irritated. Humph! This can be something very dreary, and the sun rays may cause serious problems to your skin. Sun can do a lot just more than skin tan; a direct exposure can seriously harm your sensitive skin making it dull and draggy. Most of the people suffer from the common problems like skin tan, sunburn, and other skin problems which make the skin boring. However, besides applying good sunscreens to your face and body to prevent the serious damage to your beautiful skin, this blog will definitely will be going to finding top ways to prevent scary brown spots, dryness and wrinkling, scaly spots and the dreadful disease like skin cancer.

Don’t Forget Your Hat While Moving Out!

Protect Skin From Sunburn with the use of hat. More than one million Americans in 2005 were diagnosed by some different form of skin cancer, as per some statics. In fact, this disease is one of the third forms of cancer that is diagnosed in America, as per the studies shown by Skin Cancer Foundation. It would be better to stay inside your home or other place during 10 AM to 4 PM as the sun rays are more intense during this time. So, if you want to protect your skin from serious damage, the first of all the things that is highly recommended is covering your face with a hat or stole while wearing sunscreen on your body and face.

Protect Yourself from Direct Exposure Of Sunrays

If you are thinking that umbrellas or shades are going to protect you, then you are wrong as they could only provide you moderate protection from harmful sunrays. Moreover, this is a fact that people who remain on beach near water consider that sunrays become weak and less ultra violet rays can penetrate, but you are completely wrong, as it will not work if you are thinking so. Strongly recommended to protect the under part of chin which is highly sensitive.

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Stay Away From Sunbathing

Undoubtedly, doctors say there is no better thing than a “healthy tan” but sunbathing can be really serious for all those who are looking for tan. A serious burn can happen while you are exposing your delicate sun under the direct harmful sunrays. However, if you still refuse sunbathing, then you can take it slowly so that your skin can produce some melanin to protect it against harmful sun rays. In fact, stay away from the tanning oils, as they can worsen the effects of burning on your skin.

Check Your Medication with Doctor

There are some medicines which make the skin highly sensitive like tetracycline and diuretics, which enhance the possibility of sunburn more, so check your drugs with doctor before talking it. Likewise, there are some herbal medicines as well like St John’s Wort which also produces similar effects to the skin and makes it prone to sunburn. You should immediately check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Don’t Be Deceived By Cool Weather, Stay Calm!

If the weather is amusing, very cloudy, then don’t get fooled by it! Yes, this is true as harmful ultra violet rays can easily penetrate through the dense clouds and strike your skin leaving it burnt. Don’t forget to cover your skin even if the weather is cool and beautiful. Beware of it and wear the required protection to maintain your flawless skin.

Take Care of Your Nose, Feet

Nose and feet are very sensitive, so the harmful rays of sun can harm it seriously. Zinc oxide paste is often applied to protect the nose against sunburn. However, the zinc oxide paste only provides the SPF seven which may be not sufficient for your skin. Instead of this, you can apply the sunscreen on your face, let it soaked down and then apply this zinc oxide paste for maximum protection. Same you can apply for your foot as well to protect them against exposure to sun.

Go for Good Quality Sunscreen And Check For SPF

This is one of the most important things that you should never forget before leaving under the sun. You must check for the best quality sunscreen that suits your skin with relevant SPF. Avoid the greasy sunscreens if you have oily skin, and look for the best one that can provide you complete protection against sun burn.

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