Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Sign, Symptoms and Treatment

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Body is Temple. In this hectic lifestyle we have no time to care of our health that’s why we are suffering from plenty of deadly diseases as Blood Sugar, cholesterol and diabetes. Human body is complex, so some time you often ignore the initial symptoms of diseases and it starts affecting your health when you get older. If we talk about women then they are more prone toward diseases as compared with men, so they need to more caution for their health. PCOS is one of the disease in women, if you ignore initial symptom of this disease then it can affect your health seriously.

Many people are not aware about PCOS, literally PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It happens in women, one in twenty women suffers from this disease, and this disease women face imbalance in their sex hormone basically estrogen and progesterone goes out of order and it leads to change in menstrual cycle. Women face trouble in getting pregnant and it also hamper the cardiac system of the body.

Reason of PCOS –

With advancement in medical science, doctors and researchers found reasons plenty of disease but reason of PCOS is still unknown, but recent research found some reason of this disease. So here is some reason of PCOS

• Hormonal imbalance
• Over production of Androgen, which is male sex hormone produced by women.
• High level of Insulin is also reason of PCOS.

Basically a lady suffering from PCOS produces more than normal Androgen which affect the development and release of eggs during ovulation so she face pregnancy complication.

Symptoms of PCOS –

Here is some sign and symptoms of PCOS, which can be easily understood

Oily Skin-

if you are suffering from oily skin, acne and dandruff these are signs of PCOS, then is this scenario consult with good doctor.
Sudden Gain in Weight- Sudden gain in weight is also symptoms of PCOS, especially if you are feeling sudden weight around your waist.

Infertility –

Whenever you are facing problem in getting pregnant then is also symptoms of PCOS.

Irregular in Period –

Irregularity in period is most common symptoms of PCOS, if you are not having your period for long time or more than 35 days, then you are suffering from this disease.

Complications of PCOS-

PCOS is complicated disease it also affects different functions of the body as

• Heart and blood vessel problem
• Sleep Apena
• Uterine Cancer

Treatment of PCOS –

Treatment of PCOS based on symptoms of women, age and future pregnancy. So treatment of PCOS may following include. Except this, healthy lifestyle and regular check up also very effective for treatment of PCOS.

• Birth control pills to regulate menstruation
• Acne treatment
• Treatment of hair loss
• Removal of the skin problem
• Androgen blocking medicine
• Insulin- sensitizing medication

Healthy Lifestyle –

Healthy lifestyle and balance diet is also solution of this disease.

• If you are feeling sudden gain in weight then adopt discipline in life style early to bed and early to rise will best for you. Go to gym and follow exercise under super vision of proper fitness trainer.
• Eat balanced diet in include a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetable this will maintain your Insulin level.
• Quit smoking then and there smoking cause higher levels of Androgen

Regular Check up –

Regular check up is necessary whenever you saw these symptoms so don’t show negligence and consult with good doctor.

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