New Apple iPhone 6 Release Date, Price, Features

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Let’s take a look on the New Apple iPhone 6  Review. Within the immense technological world of smart-phones, Samsung S5 and HTC One (M8) are the latest buzz in the techno market. Apple has to really compete with its next phone i.e. iPhone 6, for which the techno freaks are eagerly waiting what would be the next wonderful feature in iPhone 6. The new launch of Apple could be the most crucial devices in the Cupertino’s brand’s history. This phone would be the updated versions of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, and obviously people are waiting for the release date of this most awaited phone.

Apple would be widely compete in its new iPhone with the large screen and it is rumored to be two screen size variants i.e. 5.5 inch and 4.7 inch. With the other big launches, the rumors have widely covered the Apple’s new launch smartphone. In this article you can get the entire knowledge about the updated news about Apple’s iPhone 6. In this article you can find the complete genuine information, as we have tried to keep the rubbish stuff like fake information and pictures away and present only the information that you are looking for! Read more about New Apple iPhone 6.

Two Screen Sizes in iPhone 6-

  • iPhone 6 will be having wider screen than any other IOS smart phones before, many critics have also agreed on this. Large screen phones have become highly popular and have a definite market. with the launching of Android Phones of 2013, which includes HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and many other releases, it has become highly popular. As the present iPhone has only 4 inch screen and it is expected that Apple with its new smartphone is going to step up this time.
  • However, the biggest question is what would be the size of the screen? However, it is not definite till now and Apple has definitely kept it very confidential. Adding fuel to this fire, some information that we piled-up for you are-
  • Recently, the Reuters have reported that the iPhone screen is under production and the sizes expected to be available are 4.7 in and 5.5 in displays.
  • More information has been lighten up about the screen size of iPhone 6. The KGI Securities Analyst, Ming Chi Kuo stated that it is expected to present the sizes in 4.6 inch and 5.5 inches.

Design of iPhone 6-

In the New Apple iPhone 6  Review is so much important. Typically, Apple follows the same pattern of the designs for its new iPhones. However, considering iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, a new design can be expected for iPhone 6. According to the Japanese blog Makotakara, Apple may replicate the multiple colors in iPhone 6 which may give a choice to people to select their design. Supposedly, the phone would be just 7mm thick. At this size, the current camera would obtrude from the back of the phone. Apple wants to make the phone thicker to compensate or have a smaller camera module, by the time the phone is released.

Size of iPhone 6-

According to the report presented by ETNews, iPhone 6 will be the slimmest smartphone yet. It is also reported that iPhone 6 will shave 1.6 mm off of the iPhone 5 and may be 6 mm thick. Among all the iPhones 3GS, the iPhone 6 will half of the thickness of them. Apple could sell their former version i.e. iPhone 5S as a smaller screen and have the iPhone Air as the slim, large screen model.

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Screen Resolution and Tech of iPhone 6-

It has come to report that screen of this smartphone will have full HD 1,920 x 1080 resolution. However, this estimation of the screen resolution may be wrong as the way that Apple follows. Along with increasing the size of screen, Apple also plans to improve the image quality. Apple has been so popular for its high quality screens and packs their latest smartphones with the upgraded versions. This time, the Apple might be looking for an upgraded technology which includes quantum dot technology for its new iPhone 6.

Release Date of iPhone 6-

There is no information that has been revealed about the launching of iPhone 6. Many professionals and critics provided their guesses, but actually these are wrong and no body knows about the releasing of this wonderful smartphone. Apple is widely known to release its product when its fine and ready. Usually, Apple releases its phones around the month of September, however, this time it has been assumed that Apple is planning to break its cycle and looking forward to pre-pone the launching of iPhone 6 in May and June.

Tougher Construction of iPhone 6-

This time Apple is planning to toughening their products, and looking for unbreakable solution for their users. An indication can be made with a new deal for a super tough sapphire screen for this latest iPhone 6. As per the reports provided, a deal in between Apple and GT Advanced technologies have been remarked to produce sapphire glass in Arizona plant.

Camera of iPhone 6-

In the iPhone 5S Apple enhanced the physical size of its 8-megapixel sensor, which enabled that each pixel gets more light. In addition, it updated the lens from an f/2.4 model to an f/2.2 model, and enhanced the low-light performance again. Combined with the A7 SoC, the camera is equipped with a couple of neat modes, including a 10fps burst mode that goes on until the phone’s memory is full, and a 120fps slow-motion mode.Accordingly,  Apple should use this sensor in the iPhone 6, although, given it’s a bigger phone, with more space for components, when it comes to pixel count, with a 12- or 13-megapixel on the cards.

Storage Capacity in iPhone 6-

When it comes to storage, 64GB has been the top model launched by Apple including same for the iPhone 5S as well. A change is not expected for the iPhone 6, although, Apple has recently launched 128 GB iPad 4. The new model of iPad 4 doubled the storage capacity of the earlier high-end iPad (64GB). Apple has stated that more storage was good for big files for use in applications such as CAD and music production. Moreover, it is important for the storage of photos and videos.

Price of iPhone 6-

Usually, Apple releases its new models at the same price as the old ones. Assuming this, the 16GB model may drop, the 32GB model can be expected to cost £529, following up the 64GB model £599 and the 128GB model £699. However, if the company continues to sell the iPhone 5S, we could be in for some new pricing, with the iPhone 6 a superior model above it, in which case no remarks can be made about the pricing of iPhone 6. This smartphone is also available in India and price of Apple IPhone 6 in India is Rs. 58, 500.

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