Movie Review – The Fault in Our Stars

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“The Fault in Our Stars” a best-seller book of John Green, was dramatically wandering around the two scarred teens, who faced deep emotions with serenity, wisdom and courage. The same will be found in the movie version where the wonderful stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, two teenagers Hazel and Gus played so beautifully around the movie as their lovable fans could hoped for! The two main characters of Green’s book played in this movie as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus (Gus) Waters turns every teenager’s fear of a world that is out of their control, and the dreamt One Big Love by everyone. The wonderfully directed by Josh Boone, nicely abandons the crisp of supernatural elements, without any pandering, as it was seen in Green’s book in 2012.

Story of The Fault in Our Stars:

Story plot of the movie revolves around the teens Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus (Gus) Waters who have played their characters very beautifully, an added advantage to the whole movie. When Hazel meets Gus for the first time, the only one big thing she would have expected was ‘cancer’. At the tender age of 13, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and now she is 16. She says it a ‘cancer colony’ after being occupied by oxygen tank all the time to serve air into her weak lungs, and wearing a nose tube all round the clock. Her mom and dad (Laura Dern and Sam Trammell) suggest her to visit young cancer survivors’ meeting held at local church, where she founds Gus.

Mid of  The Fault in Our Stars:

He is not ashamed of his prosthetic limb, which was caused by the bone cancer once, but leaving no evidence because of his extrovert nature and confidence on himself. Somewhere, they were entirely opposite naturally zero on each other! The link between Hazel and Gus was their mutual friend Isaac (a great Nat Wolff), he was losing his site because of rare cancer. However, Hazel and Gus, both confide each other being virgins were experiencing the closeness among the two souls with a serious mutual crush. Hazel and Gus were intimating souls, were trying to dodge the indefinable truth no longer as the closeness among the two was flourishing so deep. Gus wanted Hazel to stick on his favourite videogames, while Hazel desired Gus to enjoy the world of words in her favourite book.

Trip to Meet Author of the Book:

They made a trip to meet author of the book (Willem Dafoe, embodying corrosive adulthood), the closeness was more blooming with a desperate kiss in. This way the revelation which was barred a moment before was made between the two that Hazel and Gus could hide with each other.Michael H. Weber and Scott Neustadter, because of the layered tuned-in adaptation, the movies is facing a calculated sentiment. On the other hand, Hazel and Gus, the two newcomers also strongly refuse the cancer, to define their life with lament, but they conceit with it! Twist in the story by director has been put by giving Hazel a sly inner life as in “Divergent” by Woodley that grounds her in dignity and truth. Both books by Green and Woodley has given story that wrap up the movie so beautifully, and lit the entire characters with so much of life making it a good movie worth watching!

We Rate This Movie:

4 Out of 5

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