10 Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid

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#6. Processed Food 


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Processing means the changes made in the food to increase its shelf life and to add taste in it. The packed foods like chips, Canned fruit, sauces, Jellies, Jams and etc are passed through various stages in which preservatives and other chemicals are added in it . Also the spices added in such foods are cheap and unstanderdised.The jellies and sauses are made from rotten fruits and  vegetables which can lead to the stomach related problems . So avoid consuming processed foods.

#7. Flavored Milk – 

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Choklate milk, strawberry milt almond and etc milk have added sweetener and flavor and artificial colors  which causes diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

#8. Ghee –

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Ghee is believed to be good fat as compared to the butter. But it contains  high amount trans -fatty acids, which is the chief cause of high cholesterol, high bad cholesterol and low, good cholesterol. Iit causes obesity, heart related diseases.

#9. Seasoned Salad – 

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There are many types of salads. The one is a mixture of the diced veggies such as cucumber, tometo, raddish, carrot, turnip, cabbage with spice to add the taste. And the other type is cooked food mixed with a sauce and almost always served cold. Both the types of salads loses its nutritional value the moment spices and, sauce, Mayonnaise is added it, moreover vegetables like  cabbage should not be eaten raw, they might contain worms which are not visible from naked eyes.

#10. Diet Soft Drink/Soda – 

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the advertisement of diet cola may allure you by reciting its goodness, but in reality such drinks contain a chemical  and added sweeteners which might lash down few calories but are not good for health.

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