10 Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid

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10 Most unhealthy foods you should avoid

Have you ever thought that, the food you are consuming may have a negative effect on your health. There are many foods  which are believed to have the, good nutritional value, but  on the contrary,these foods have negligible nutritional value. Foods, which should be excluded from the diet are:

#1. Brown Bread –


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Most of us believe that brown bread is good for health, but it is not true. All the breads made of whole grain flour contain gluten. Gluten is a protein which is found in the wheat, barley and rye. Though this protein has  little nutritional value, but the protein can damage intestine, and can also  it affect the digestive system.

#2. Vegetable Juice 

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Vegetable fruits are believed to be nutritious, but eating raw fruits is more nutritious because will extracting the juice out of the juice out of the fruit all the minerals and vitamins are vanished and the fibers found in the fruit are removed. Those fibers are good for stomach, it aids digestion, helps to keep you regular and can help to prevent colon cancer. Moreover, the packed fruit juice contains chemicals .

#3. Dietary Products –

Dairy-products imageImage Source : www.thedairymom.blogspot.com

Milk is considered as the best source of the calcium. Undoubtedly it is but the other dairy products such as butter and cheese contains bad fat, which leads to obesity and increases the cholesterol level. Some people consume these products for the sake of the taste, but they are unable to digest it, it is because of the lactose present in the dietary products. People who find a problem in digesting might be allergic to it and may suffer from Lactose intolerance.

#4. Sweet Food – 


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Indians are made for sweet dish almost every person loves to  eat kaju ki katli, barfi, rasgulla and etc also we have a ritual of make sweet dish during festivals. The intake of sweets may lead to diabetes, obesity and it increases the cholesterol level.It causes pimples too.

#5. Caffeine- 


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Coffee and tea are ought to be stress busters but the prolonged intake of coffee and tea  may damage your brain because it contains  caffeine which causes rapid rapid heartbeat, muscle tremors and irritability. So it should be consumed in a minimal amount as possible.

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