Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet Review 2019

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  • Not laptops and computers, but the tablets have become highly popular than any other devices for consuming entertainment and media. Two days ago, Microsoft has introduced its another buzz in the front of media “Surface Pro 3” which is expected to replace the laptops and computer systems.
  • With a wider screen and lighter in weight, Surface Pro 3 works as a tablet while you want to read book or watch movies. On the other hand, it also works as a laptop when you require to pack up your official whose deadline is on the way! This is what one of the most exciting things about the Surface Pro 3 is, and may be replace MacBook Air and iPad in future.
  • The Pro 3 is compatible and runs full version of Microsoft’s Window 8 System, like on other laptops and desktop systems. In fact, this means, that it can run about any other program designed for Windows including Photoshop, Microsoft Office and many others.
  • Like other tablets, Surface Pro 3 has touch screens but is available with an optional cover that can be open to reveal a keyboard and touchpad that are incorporated with it. This means the users can perfectly use it as they require. Moreover, it has a USB port and one of the external displays, and these two functions are hardly available on tablets.
  • Surface Pro 3 are starting at $799 for an Intel Core i3 CPU and a 64 GB SSD, that provides an idea about Microsoft to bend more towards laptop side, with new kickstand and touch cover that allows users to work from every angle.

Design & Feature of Surface Pro 3

  • It’s been considered that this is the thinnest Intel Core i-series device till the date, however, it doesn’t make that much sense. However, it has thinner body, coupled with 12 inch screen, which gives a better look than Pro and Pro 2, those two devices were highly criticised for their bulky designs and weight.
  • As comparison to previous models which had 10.6 inch screens and were 13 mm thick, with a footprint of 10.8 by 6.8 inches, this newly Surface Pro 3 has 12 inch version is 11.5 inches by 7.9 inches with 9.11 mm thickness.
  • While having a thin body, still it has a full size USB 3.0 port, Mini Display Port, microSD card reader, 1080p HD front, 5 megapixel camera, stereo speakers with Dolby Audio enhanced sound. Besides this, other hardware specifications are 4 GB or 8 GB of memory, SSD storage from 64 GB to 512 GB, TPM 2.0 for enterprise security along with 802.11ac or 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi.

Use Pen in a Portrait Mode

One of the major changes to the Surface design ID can be observed in a moment. This is the position of capacitive touch button Windows logo – which brings you back to the Windows 8 tile interface- is noted to shift from the bottom long edge of the chassis to the another shorter edges.  This new Surface Pro 3 has a metallic and more substantial battery powered Bluetooth pen which can be utilized for note-taking, sketching, drawing and annotation. This wonderful Pen works perfectly with a variety of applications includes crossword puzzle app by The New York Times, OneNote and many others. Moreover, with this, it will also allow users to capture and save screen shots by touching the top of Surface Pen.

The Upgraded Next Generation Keyboard

  • Surface Pro 3 has a brilliant type cover (which acts as a screen protector, full keyboard and touchpad interface) remains a sold separately accessory.
  • This is one of the main “wow” factors of this new Surface Pro which is available at $129 for an add-on keyboard. The new cover is definitely larger than its predecessors of Surface Pro 3, even the older version will work as well.
  • Therefore, the biggest challenge is whether this new Surface Pro 3 will be able to replace its predecessors or the older versions along with the MacBook Airs? For the complete review, stay updated with our latest blog!

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