5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Free

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Each one of us wants to make a quick money. From regular jobs we fetch a fixed salary that too after working hard for a complete month. The regular jobs are hectic and some time monotonous as we tend to do the  same work daily  without any major changes. Everyone wants something new in his her life which inspires him or her to lead a sound life. Online business today has become prominent, people earn while sitting at home. One can also showcase his talent  Let’s have a glance at  five ways of making money fast via online.

#1. Content Writing or Paid Writing

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There are people who like writing, but they haven’t made it a  full time job, for them, it is a great opportunity to showcase their talent to the whole world and fetch money out of it. It is also called freelancing writing. There are companies  who does not higher  a permanent content writer rather they look for people who can write about their product seasonally, moreover there are many genres  which need to be explored, writing may depict light on them. It will give you confidence as you will get an instant feedback from the people.

#2. Blog

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If you don’t wish to write for others, then write for yourself, create your own blog. It depends on you what  subject you want to cater, you can also write for multiple subjects. A writer is  an artist who depicts his ideology by writing. The revenue generated from the blog will fetch you a decent amount, which will be enough for set up later you proceed with various blogs.There are many blog writers who have made blog writing their full time job. The best thing about blog writing is that you need to have any technical skills and expertise in the particular topic, even the housewife can maintain their blogs. Writing blog will keep you updated with current scenarios and the norms and you can make online.

#3. Web Designing

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There are companies, which does not recruit full fledged web designers because of money constraints plus some are online companies who need to upgrade their websites time to time, if you have done a course in web designing and don’t want to work a particular company then this is a decent way of earning online. Today, instead of making wedding  albums  people opt for the websites showing their marriage pictures and videos.This will also help you  to brush up skills in photography as you need to edit the photographs.

#4. YouTube

youtubeImage Source : kandirahaber.com

This medium comes handy to those, who likes exploring new things and recording the events. For example, you have learnt different hair do’s then you can upload one of the demonstration, your uploaded video may win you many like and through those likes, you can make a good amount of money online.The video can be a tutorial or anything.

#5. Designing Applications

iphone_app_designImage Source : www.mlwebco.com

Smartphone is a hub of the new  applications. Apps like whats app, hike line, we chat and etc  have not been designed by skilled people. Smartphone like samsang, i-phone caters lots of apps, you can also design a unique app which is easy to use and is also useful. You will get many tutorials which will teach  you how to make  an application for generating the money online. This way will help to garner the good amount of the money.

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