Magic in the Moonlight (2014) Movie Review, Story, News

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Magic in the moon has been directed by the Hollywood ace director Woody Allen. The film is a rom-com based in 1920’s Germany- France ambiance. The lead characters are played by Emma Stone as   Sophie and Colin Firth as Stanly. Colin Firth’s character is the main protagonist, who is a stage magician and thus makes people laugh. The turning point comes in his life when he fell in love with Sophie, when this super magician is assigned the task to expose her. On the other side Sophie is a fraud who cheats people on the name of spirituality. To fetch a good amount of money from the rich family she accomplishes all the odd and even task. Both Stanly and Sophie coincides each other and thus the audience gets to see some high strata party sequences that bring close to both the lead actors. Ironically both are doing their respective task simultaneously.

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Woody Alley is master in making the film based on the 20-30 era and very effectively, he does the screen play. But unlike his previous films like Rose of Cairo, sweet and lowdown and etc this one is different as it has many twists and turns unfolded as the story continues.  The one liner dialogue used one after another will scroll you to laugh like anything

Both the leading actors allure the audience to watch out their chemistry. Though the supporting cast has done good enough job but the one character that stands out is Collin Firth, his comic timings are exemplary and make the audience laugh out of their heart. The character is so enriching that it soothes the environment.

After watching this film one can confine that the story is skeptical in weaving magic and moonlight. It has certain charm that makes this film worthy to watch.  All the actions scenes and magic performances are quite loud and it can take seconds for common men to understand what is happing.

Woody Allen has very well interoperated the scenes .The flavor and the theme of the film remains intact till the end. Though this is Emma’s not finest acting but she has pulled her character very well. And ultimately Colin Firth proves himself as hero threw his wao and mind tickling comedy. If you are great fan of the director, then this film is worth watching for you. But for other it could be just like Champaign poured in the glass of wine as it could have improved story and more believing scenes could have been incorporated in it .The film is one time watch. Magic in the Moon light is slated to release on 25th July 2014 in USA by Sony Pictures Classics

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