Lung Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Cancer is dangerous disease, people should identify it in initial stage and immediate treatment is only solution of this disease, there is different types of cancer but among all Lung Cancer is very dangerous, in recent survey of World Health Organization (WHO) 13 % population of world are dying due to cancer and most people are dying due to Lung Cancer in world, so here is data of WHO which shows the fact.

Total deaths worldwide caused by cancer each year:

Lung Cancer- 13, 70,000
Stomach Cancer- 7, 36,000
Liver Cancer-6, 95,000
Colorectal Cancer-6, 08,000
Breast Cancer-4, 58,000
Cervical Cancer-2, 75,000

Lung Cancer is defined as, “uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in either one lung or both and this abnormal cells does not develop into healthy lung tissue, and they divide rapidly and forms tumors.”

Cause of Lung Cancer

Normally cell in body follow an orderly path of grow division and death, while cancer cell grow rapidly and do not die and it continue to grow and divide. This lead to mass of abnormal cells that grows out of control. So here is following reasons of Lung Cancer.


Smoking is one of the main reasons of Lung Cancer, actually Cigarette contain harmful chemical element as carcinogen, butadiene and radio isotope polonium. Passive smoking another main reason of this disease passive smoking means someone who not smokes but works with smoker and they effected of this disease.

Radon Gas-

Radon is second most reason of lung cancer; it is colorless and odorless gas which founds in crust of earth and generated by the breakdown of radioactive material radon and one of the main reason of Lung Cancer.

Air pollution-

Air pollution is one of the main reason of lung cancer it contain harmful and poisonous gasses as carbon mono oxide and lade which are one of the reason of Lung cancer these gasses enters in our lungs while breathing.

Symptoms of Lung cancer

Cough that would not quit-

Cold cough is common it is not as matter of concern it will go away in couple of week but if you are suffering from stubborn cough either it is dry or mucus producing, from one month then it is matter of concern so immediate consult your doctor and go for X- ray or other test.

Breathing Changes-

Whenever you feel uncomfortable while breathing or shortness of breathing while climbing the stairs of your house or bringing groceries or performing other task then don’t ignore it consult your doctor.

Pain in the Chest Area –

Whenever you feel pain on your chest then don’t ignore it, may you not feel this pain while coughing but it may symptoms of Lung Cancer, you should immediate consult with your doctor whenever you feel pain in your chest it may be sharp, dull, constant or comes and goes , you should also note that it is confined on particular area or throughout the chest .

Drop in Weight-

Whenever you feel sudden loss in weight then it may symptoms of Lung Cancer or other type of cancer, here weight loss is not associated with exercise, actually cancer cells uses energy in the body and you feels sudden drop in your weight.

Treatment of Lung Cancer

Surgery –

Surgery is ultimate option to get rid of cancer, for Lung Cancer thoracic surgeon is specially trained to perform Lung Cancer surgery, in this surgery lung tumor is totally removed, the tumor must be removed with surrounding border.

Radiation Therapy-

Radiation therapy is one of the effective ways for treating cancer this treatment is performed by radiation oncologist, a doctor who is specialized in giving radiation therapy to treat cancer. In this therapy high energy of X ray or other particles to destroy cancer cells, most common type of radiation therapy is called external beam external beam radiation therapy, radiation given from machine outside the body in this therapy.


Chemotherapy is performed by medical oncologist, a doctor who is specialized to treating cancer with medication, as cancer cell is different from normal cell it grow rapidly and form tumor so in this condition drugs are used in this therapy to destroy cancer cells . it is one of the best treatment for Lung Cancer patient, it improves length and quality of life of people with lung cancer of all stage.

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