How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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Motherhood is a unique experience in its own.  During nine months, a women body undergoes various changes, a cell turns into an embryo which further turns into a baby. After fourth or fifth trimester the pregnancy pouch starts appearing and this a time when they start gaining the weight.The womb, which is  a small home of baby before birth is a heavy bump from outside. During pregnancy, most of the women feel embarrassed because of gaining weight.The same problem continues after postpartum stage also. The belly seems the same only.

To get in the pre pregnancy shape  is a slow process.After the delivery, the hormonal changes occur in the nursing mother. The shrinking of the uterus in its normal shape may take six to nine months . The cell which swelled during pregnancy begin to release the extra fluid  which accumulated in the body. The fluid is excluded from the body in the form of urine, vaginal secretion and sweat.The process takes long time and sometimes the result are also not evident . Some women may get their earlier weight back, but every woman is not lucky to have the pre pregnancy weight back.But if that is not the case then how the famous actress and sportswomen get back their original weight.

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Loosing weight after delivering should not be the priority, the new mother should focus on her and her baby’s  health and there should not be any hurry to lose the weight as it might cause the mother  anemic or she might suffer from other health problem. Reducing weight can be the agenda after 6-8 weeks  of delivery, but don’t stress your body and follow the basic guidelines to shed the weight after pregnency

Breastfeeding Itself Reduces The Weight

Breast feeding the baby till 6 months not strengthen the immune system of the new born baby but also help women to reduce the weight consistently. During initial years breast feeding can be random, but gradually it should be scheduled  for eg, once in the morning then after having  a lunch and etc.

Eating Right At The Right Time

  1. The golden rule of losing the pregnancy belly say that women should not go for dieting rather she should eat everything excluding the fats from  her diet .The diet should include fresh green vegetables and fresh fruit  to build the energy . The food should  rich in mineral, vitamin C, That are required to recover the body after the deliver. Examples of such food are: oats porridge(daliya),meethi ki roti, almonds,black and white sesame seeds and liquids like juice, vegetable stock will help to reduce the weight after the baby.
  2. Consume in small quantity- Don’t make your tummy full in one go rather have the food in short breaks, for example, after waking up one  cup of tea with two biscuits is more then sufficient,  in breakfast ( after three hours) you can go for one small plate of porridge with 2-3 almonds then after 3 hours  metthi ki roti  can be  taken, methi ka ladoos and etc. there should be at least three hour break after each meal.

Regular Exercise

  • It very important to breath well, so before starting any exercise  do anulom vilom as much as possible don’t pressurize yourself

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  • There is a common notion that lifting the weight might affect badly on the health, but lifting light things will not cause any problem.

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  • Walking is always beneficial for health, so don’t remain in sitting position always keep walking .Avoid stairs,  pot small steps rather than bigger steps they may extract your energy level.

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  • Go for asanas like- Prana flow,plank vinyasa,pelvic tilt and other which your doctor recommends.

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Consult Your Doctor Regularly

Every woman has different body type so consulting the doctor is always recommended.

Remain Happy

Avoid stress as much as possible, don’t over think, enjoy the mother hood , play with you little one, stay happy and fresh always.

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