Colourful Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Colour provides more than face value to a room; it is one of the oldest design tricks in the book to define a small space within a limited budget. Also the therapeutic effects of colour are well known; a bright and cheerful color can lift up your mood, while a dark and gloomy shade can dampen even the brightest of spirits. As the most visited place in the house, a kitchen needs to be bright and cheerful but not overly so. Achieving the right balance requires some application of kitchen decorating ideas.

kitchen-compressedSometimes all it takes to brighten up your kitchen is just one splash of bold and bright colour on a wall to create a standout effect. You can also achieve the same effect with Patterned Wallpaper. There are many ways to add colour to an otherwise dull kitchen. If replacing your current cabinets with coloured ones is outside your budget, consider colouring them in soft bright hues like yellow or light blue that lend a cheery atmosphere to the room.

Sometimes the simplest accessories to add colour to your kitchen are the ones provided by nature. Some oranges, a few limes and some cherries can provide your kitchen with colour and fragrance without the need for any additional spending. If space permits a few potted plants and flowers can do the trick equally well.

kitchen1-compressedPainting the interiors of the cabinet or open shelves is a great way to show off your fine china to great visual effect, while making them easy to clean, too. Glass exteriors go well with Modular Kitchen Designs; they are visually appealing, great reflectors of colour and light and easy to clean and maintain as well.

Colourful barstools can serve as a great kitchen decorating idea, especially in an island kitchen. Add cushions in similar colours to the barstools and you have created a personalized kitchen with defined spaces.

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