Best Way to Expansion of Height After 22 Years of Age

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Expansion of Height After 22 Years of Age is Possible with some Height Growth Tips. It’s a myth that your height grows between age of eighteen to twenty, and if you are twenty three then don’t worry because still you have chance to get pleasant personality. You always wish for good height. A short individual feels embarrass in society and lose his self confidence; in childhood you tried different physical exercise and healthy nutrition to grow your height. Actually height of the kid determined by his parent and depends on heredity; nevertheless you will various ways to increase your height after twenty two.

FACTORS– First you should know the factors that influences the height of person


Genes are primarily responsible to determined our physical attributes as weight, body structure, hair and height.


Hormones play significant role to increase our height, it also take care the several organ of the body actually hormones produce by endocrine gland and they are sent to the bloodstream. In this way Hormone plays vital role to increase our height.


Nutrition is an essential factor for growth of our body it is necessary to take proper nutrition from childhood to get good height, lack of proper nutrition individual not gets proper height and weight.


Recent research shows that pollution also affects our body growth. Air pollution contain venomous gasses as carbon mono oxide, sulphur dioxide etc. These gasses enter in our body while breathing and damages the growth hormone.

6 Ways to Boost Your Height Naturally –

Either men or women everyone wants good height, after all good height deterge your personality so here is natural way to increase your height after twenty two.

Proper Sleep-

Sound sleep is most necessary to get good height because during that time hormones secretes at faster rate so more it is secreted; more the body will grow at faster rate, so if you want to attain maximum height then take sound sleep for at least eight hours, growing children and teen should sleep for at least 8-11 hours. Proper Sleep gives you Expansion of Height After 22. 

Balanced Diet-

Balanced diet is necessary to obtain good height, balance diet not only helps to grow our height but it also gives strength to our body so here is following diet which is very beneficial to increase your height


Milk contain all essential vitamin and nutrition which helps our body to grow, it contain calcium, protein and vitamins. If you daily drink a glass of pure milk then it will stimulate your growth hormone and you will get fast result in your height. Milk is the boosted way to get success in Expansion of Height After 22 . 


Chicken is one of the best animal food to get good height, it is rich source of protein which stimulates our body building tissues and muscles.

Egg –

Egg is healthy diet to get good height it is also rich source of protein, it contain vitamin B2, Which is also known as Riboflavin. So in order to get to good height you should take 3 to 6 egg on daily basis.


Soybeans is highest source of protein among all vegetarian foods. The pure protein contained in Soybeans stimulates our growth hormone and gives effective result in our body growth so for getting good height 50 grams of protein recommended for every day.


Oatmeal is one of the rich source of plant protein, it helps in increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat so for good height include 50 gram of oatmeal in your breakfast.

Exercises for Expansion of Height


Yoga is ultimate solution to getting good height after 22 so here is following yoga, which you should follow in early morning

Surya Namaskar-

This asana comprises of 12 different postures which is performed in chronological manner in early morning.


Talasana is a important yoga to increase height it strengthen our spine, arms and legs.

Trikonasana –

This yogasana enhance our body balance, it is also known as triangle pose and it gives you a good posture.

Adhomukha Savasana-

This asana is also known as downward facing Dog, this particular asana helps to increase the blood flow toward neck and face. I hope with the help of this article you got Tips for Expansion of Height After 22. 

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