How XIAOMI MI BAND 3 is Different From XIAOMI Band 2

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You are at the XIAOMI MI Band 3 Review. The center point of this article is describing How XIAOMI MI BAND 3 is Different from XIAOMI Band 2? On the occasion of XIAOMI MI BAND, 3 8th Birthday company was launched Mi 8 Flagship, MIUI 10 and Mi 3 Band wearable. In the recent review of China and USA Market, it was found that all Mi 3 Gadgets were sold out. The Mi 3 Gadgets series is going to hit now and almost all markets of Smartphone have the crush of the Mi Gadgets. When we got this gadget from the market we observed so many important things which we want to share with the audience in the form of XIAOMI MI BAND 3 Reviews. The Mi Wearable gadgets are really amazing for the users. MI is one of the big bands in the market on which buyers trust.

Xiaomi Brand 3 Review

How was Box Looking?

The device is packed with the simple white box and the box has a transparent cover. This means there is no surprising what’s in the box. A soft strap, Mi Band 3, small USB Dongle for charging are in the box available. If you have the device of Mine Band 2 then you can also charge Mi Band 3 with your old USB Charging Cable.

Display of XIAOMI MI Band 3:

The device has a bigger screen. The display is looking good and stylish. The OLED of the device is 0.42 to 0.78. The size of the strap in Mi Band 3 Same is as Mi Band 2. There is no difference in the footprint of the strap in Mi Band 3. When we take a look on the screen size of the ABC we can say that the screen is the biggest change on the Mi Band 3 as a comparison to Mi Band 2. In the panel of the device, the option of swipe down and up is given. The panels such as pedometer, distance, burned calories, battery capacity, weather forecast, exercise recording.

Faster Working Sensor:

Review of XIAOMi Watch Series 3

The HR Sensor is the central point of the device and this sensor is faster, accurate according to the makers.  Do you want to count your steps that you walk regularly? If yes, then the tool of accelerometer that is used for counting your steps is so much useful.

Daily Use Wearable Fitness Gadget:

These are the everyday use Smartwatch. Some people run with all kinds of electronics on their body and that’s why the use of Mi Band 3 SmartWatches is not comfortable for them. This device is not helpful for the Skyrunning World Series.

Easy to Understand Features:

How the buttons works of the device are also the typical question behind the user but you can simply understand how the button works within one or two days. On one tap you will get reach on the home screen of the device. Long tap option is designed for browsing on activity. This is the complete fitness watch for you and you can also get the heart rate with the use of this wearable gadget of MI. How you pulse change while doing activities is also the amazing feature of the device. Buy XIAOMI MI BAND 3 Click on this link.

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