How Too Much Sleep Or Oversleeping Is Harmful For Health

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Do you know that, both access and the lack of sleep can be contagious for your health? Yes, it is true and now it has been scientifically proven. Acdording do the doctors, if you sleep more than 8 hours, then you are suffering from over sleeping disorder.

Have you ever realized that even after taking the sleep of long hours, you still feel sleepy? Well sometimes its ok, after all you are a human being and your mind needs rest, But if it happens constantly, then surely you are suffering from over sleeping disorder.


The reasons that causes over sleeping are:

  • One of the prominent reason is  Sleep Apnoea. It is a sleeping disorder which causes infrequent breathing during sleep. It can last for a few seconds to an hour. It is a neurological condition that affects a specific section of the brain. It interrupts your sleep and does not allow you to have  a sound sleep.
  • Hypersomnia can be the other reason for oversleeping. Due to it, the person feels lazy and tired whole day, irrespective of the long hours he has slept.
  • Stressful life pattern, Laziness, fear, anxiety, weakness, boredom and tension leading towards depression, can be other causes of over sleeping.

Oversleeping  give way to other health problems

  • Constant headache- Acoording to the research, it is found that due to oversleeping, certain  endogenous chemicals in the brain  that transmit signals from one neuron (brain cell) to another ‘target’ neuron are effected and causes head ache.
  • Prone to diabetes – people who sleep more than 7-8 hours have more chances of getting Diabetes.
  • Higher risk of obesity- people who sleep more 8-9 hours does less physical activity, thus they are prone to obesity.
  • Access of sleep leads acute diseases and cardiovascular disorder. According to the study published in the American Academy of sleep medicine, the women who over sleep have increased rate of heart problems
  • Oversleep can  be followed by back pain- sleeping too much can be a burden on the back and therefore causes severe back pain.
  • Moreover, according to the latest studies people who sleep for long hours may have small shelf life.

One should have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours. Waking up during sunrise is beneficial for health. If you are not able to sleep on time, then you can listen to soothing music or drink milk before sleeping or you can take a quick shower to relax your body. Try to sleep on time so that, you can wake up at the time. Innitialy you can set alarm later you will get habitual of waking up on time.

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