How to Schedule Emails in Gmail for Sending at a Later Date

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Do you know the steps of How to Schedule Emails in Gmail for Sending at a Later Date? With the help of Google sheet you can create email message and send it later date or another time. You can send important emails or greeting messages at the exact time. In this service of gmail you can send birthday wishes to your friends and relatives at exact time. This service is also available in Microsoft outlook which send your email at given time interval. In Microsoft Outlook has built in scheduler which helps to send your email after sometime. But it is quite different because when you write an email and click on send button, your mail is not deliver at the same time, it deliver at given time.

With the help of google sheet you can schedule you emails with your gmail account. In this google sheet you can compose your mail that will send later in gmail at specify date and time. When you save your message and date, time in google sheet it will automatically deliver your message at destination address at specify time and date. Google Script play an important role to deliver your message at appropriate date and time.

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Step to Send Email Messages with Google Sheet

1. First login into your account and compose your messages which you want to deliver later. In you messages you can attach files, images, signatures and text. In the TO field of draft you must have include the recipient’ email address.

2. after that to make a copy of gmail scheduler sheet in google drive and also change your time zone. (Click here to make copy).

3. Once you make a copy of gmail scheduler sheet then open it and select authorize in your scheduler menu and accept the necessary permissions. This function helps you to keep all your data safe and only accessible by you. This script work in google drive that provide security of your all saved data.

4. Select Gmail Scheduler and fetch all your gmail draft messages in to your google sheet.

5. After fetch all your draft messages in google sheet you can select date and time to send your saved messages. In the column D double click on it cell and select date and time of message will be diver.

6. Go Gmail Scheduler and select schedule messages >> Run Scheduler.

After complete these steps your messages was automatically deliver to destination address. Google script that take care of your sending messages at exact date and time.

Change the Spreadsheet Timezone

You can also change the spread sheet time zone go to spreadsheet and select File >> Spreadsheet Setting Menu and select the specific time zone you want.

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