5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

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You can easily Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting if you know these 5 healthy ways which we will mention in this article. Putting up weight is the biggest nightmare for all the women as they realize it. Women follow number of ways to regain their shape when they find the button down shirts are starting to feel a little too snug and the summers are on the way! However, motivation may be anything but you may be looking to make a change, but the thought of overhauling the diet may result you cringe. Generally, losing a weight means that you need to avoid delicious cakes, muffins, and other desserts or dishes which results into putting up weight by adding calories. In fact, you need to turn your head towards painful and crunching exercises, juices and green veggies. The thought of dieting really scares and takes the heart out of the body. However, losing weight is all about eating less and moving more than usual. Dieting is not a necessary part that you need to deprive yourself. You can follow the five tips that we have given below, but you may be missing one of things that is ‘muffin tops’.

Cheer Up and Relax-

  • A new study by the researchers at Journal of Consumer Psychology in their studies have found that people with good spirits and hale and hearty mind always go for nutritious food than those with feeling low and depressed.
  • A statement given by Meryl Gardner, Ph.D. an associate professor of marketing at the University of Delaware, says, “When we are in a good mood, we tend to step back and see the big picture, so it’s easier to do something that’s in our long term best interest.” She also adds, “Being in a depressed mood triggers a focus on the things happening around you, which entirely means seeking immediate gratification- so it becomes all ‘hello, doughnut!”
  • Gardener suggests convincing yourself to see the brighter part of life for a moment. Gaze towards the future, you don’t have to necessarily focus on the health goal. “In the supermarket, ask your mind to wander about what would be in the store in next five years.
  • Or, she also adds, “Think about the next trending junk food that will buzz rather than selecting the snack what to have.” This way, you may put up those immediate wants into perspective ahead.

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Slow-Down You’re Eating Speed-

  • Nutrition experts have advised that brain needs some time to determine that “I am full” message, so wolfing down the food is not recommended. You may need an extra help when you find the contents of your plate have disappeared in a flash of moment even if you tried eating slower than usual.
  • You may take the help of HAPifork which is a utensil that is featured with electronic sensors. This utensil measures the time you take to eat your meal and lights with a vibration when you are chewing too fast.

 Go For the Filling Fruits or Berries-

  • Try snacking on ligonberries, Scandinavian berries (similar to cranberries) and may be “superfruit”. Recently, a research published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism states that consuming lingo berries entirely blocks the effect of a high fat diet.
  • It helps by preventing weight gain and keeping the sugar levels in the blood down. Admittedly, there is a catch: the scientists researched this by studying a mice, so its too fast to assure by saying that humans will also reap the same benefits.
  • However, thanking the high content of polyphenols (a kind of antioxidant) found in berries, it is known that they can be a healthy food. Some frozen ones can be sprinkled over your cereal or smoothies. Or you can buy some lingo berry juice at a local retailer. Just give a try!

Track Your Progress through “Texting”-

  • Keeping a food diary with you to write up your daily diet, and track the benefits and losing. This is a tried-and-true weight loss technique. However, mostly people cannot stick with it. On the other hand a daily quick text message can be more convenient.
  • According to the study from Duke University, the women with extra weight shed a few pounds by conveniently reporting (via text) their general info, like whether they consumed the junk food or not, or the number of steps they walked regularly.

Go To Bed-

  • Not a single but numbers of studies have found the relationship between sleep and obesity. However, on the other hand, a recent study at the University of Colorado proved that you can damage your waistline in just five nights. “A five hour sleep taken by people per night across a simulated workweek gained almost two pounds”, stated by study co-author Kenneth Wright, Ph.D. director of the University’s Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory.
  • Lack of sleep prompt the people to eat more than usual and they feel hunger. “Sleep is an important for your health as a healthy diet and exercising,” says Wright. Try making these healthy changes to lose weight instead of being scared of starting a diet as summer approaches.

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