How to Increase Self Determination Power

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What is the secret behind the success? Answer is dedication, determination, devotion and hard work these four are keys, which unlock the several doors of opportunities. We can’t deny the importance of hard work but power of hard work comes from determination, we have to increase our determination to get the desired target in our life. We often see students or people who set their goal, they collect resources for this; initially they begin their work with full passion but after couple of months their whole passion for their work become finished. You all will astonish, “why this happen with us?” answer is simple, it is lack of determination, actually it gives us power to accomplish any herculean or small task. Literally determination motivates us to work hard; it brings discipline, dedication, devotion and punctuality in our life.

Either you talk about legendary athlete as Sachin Ramesh Tendulakar or great scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, whole world admire their quality. Their success is not story of overnight rather their determination brings them to zenith of success. In order to get determination in life or to increase determination in life, here are some tips and techniques which definitely help you to achieve your goal.

Tips to Increase Determination in Life –

These are simple tips, just read it and follow in your life you don’t need to approach ant psychologist or career counselor, so here are some easy tips and techniques.

Self Confidence –

Never doubt on your caliber or potential, doubt spoils our whole passion for works once if we bring doubt in our mind then it brings laziness in our life, so always motivate yourself for your goal don’t leave any work until it is finished. Complete task will give you power to take new work in your hand, this will bring positive change in your life and you will feel energetic.

Divide Your Work in Small Part-

Always remember; a journey of thousand miles, begins with single step. So whenever you feel that, your works is now burden for you, then divide it in small part and try to finish it in certain period of time, this will definitely boost your moral and you will get courage to accomplish your rest of the task.


Meditation is ultimate solution of every problem, it will raise your inner straight and it will bring positive change in your life. You will get energy to perform better and better so adopt meditation in your life and be positive; definitely it will increase your determination.

Avoid Rubbish Work –

Our maximum mental energy spoils in rubbish work as browsing internet, chatting with friend and other ridiculous task so always avoid these nonsense, instead of doing these do some mental work as solve tough problems of Mathematics and Reasoning, play game like Chess this will increase your thinking power and IQ.

Finish Your Work Now –

Never avoid your work, whatever work you have finish it then and there, work honestly with hundred percent. This will definitely motivate you, never bring laziness in your life always remember laziness is dearest and nearest enemy for you.

Set Your Goal –

Whatever your target either it is great athlete or scientist, decide your goal write it in your diary and leave no stone unturned for your goal. Human life is useless without target so we all should have certain goal in our life.


Start from doing easy, then what is necessary and then what is possible and suddenly you will found that you are doing impossible. Yes, these are few lines which will definitely help you to increase your determination; you just need to follow it and never give up until achieve your target.

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