How to Increase Physical and Mental Stamina

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In order to get any target in life or to achieve any extra ordinary we require stamina. We have to increase our stamina to do consistent hard work or to achieve our goal. Without stamina we can’t get courage to accomplish our work. You will found plenty of good athletes as Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer, who spent more than one decade with their professional just because of great fitness, physical and mental stamina. Actually physical and mental stamina brings dedication and determination in our life.

So in order to increase physical and mental stamina we should include proper diet, exercise and discipline in our life. So in this article first we will discuss about to increase mental and physical stamina.

How to Increase Mental Stamina

If you are physically weak but if your will power is strong then no one can stop you to achieve your goal. Actually will power comes, just because of strong mental stamina. Here are some tips to increase your focus and mental stamina.

Do Mental Exercise-

In order to increase mental stamina, you should do mental exercise as you should play tough game as chess, Sudoku and try to solve tough mathematical problem. This will increase your IQ and concentration power.

Don One Thing at a Time-

We often observe that many people want to do more than one thing at same time, this is just rubbish so whatever you are doing either you are playing or reading accomplish that work with full concentration. Incomplete work will create pressure on you so don’t take new work until old one is finished , in this way you will feel more confident and it will give mental power and increase your mental stamina.

Think Positive –

Be optimistic and be positive, this will help you to achieve your goal forget about past each day gives you new chance. Work honestly and give your 100%. If you accomplish any work honestly then it gives you positive energy so you will feel positive and it will also boost your self confidence.

Drink Plenty of Water –

Our body contain 70 % water. Try to drink water, more than two liter in day this will increase your immunity system as well as well it help your concentration power so you will get mental power to accomplish work.

Meditation –

Include meditation in your life rather include it your daily routine. Many people have complained of migration or headache whenever they try to concentrate on some particular subject so meditation is ultimate solution of this problem. Meditation will increase your willpower so you will get mental stamina to achieve extraordinary in life

Balance Diet And Proper Sleep-

Balance diet is the key either to get mental stamina or physical stamina, include green vegetable, milk and protein in your diet this will increase your focus and concentration as well as physical stamina. Also give your mind proper rest, sleep at least for 6 hours in a day to refresh your mind and if you sleep soundly for 4hours then is will also do.

How to Increase Physical Stamina

Health is wealth; you need to increase your physical stamina to get fitness in your life, here fitness does not mean go to gym and work out for three to four hours, here fitness mean your immunity system should be strong enough to fight against diseases. Healthy body will give you strong physical stamina so if you want to increase you physical stamina then healthy diet, proper outdoor activity and adequate rest will give you best result.

Best diet to increase physical stamina –

We can’t deny importance of diet whenever matters come to increase physical stamina, completer diet will give you feet and active body so here is description of some healthy diet.


Milk contain all essential vitamin and nutrients, it is also rich source of protein so include it in your breakfast and dinner this will give proper nutrition to your body.

Egg –

Either Sunday or Monday include it in your diet, it is also rich source of protein so include it your lunch, dinner and breakfast. This will increase your immune system as well as it helps you to stay fit and active.

Green Leafy Vegetables-

Your blood consist of two component first is red blood cells and second one is white blood cells, both are essential part of our body. Where, RBC increases our stamina and gives energy to our body while WBC helps us to fight against deadly diseases. Green leafy vegetable is rich source of iron and fiber which maintain blood glucose level in this way it helps us to increase our stamina.


Banana is one of the best options to increase physical stamina, it consist of dopamine which increase our focus, concentration and stamina so include in your diet for best result it will give you instant energy.
Best workout to increase physical stamina- In order to increase physical stamina workout plays vital role so here is few workout, which will increase your physical stamina without hitting the gym.

Running –

Running is one of the excellent exercises to increase physical stamina, run at least 2 km in a day, definitely you will feel active entire day. It is best exercise you just need descent pair of shoes.


Swimming is king of all exercise, it burns lots of calories vigorous swimming for half an hour will give you complete stamina to your body so follow this exercise and stay fit.

Play Badminton –

This is one of best sport, it not only increase your stamina rather many deadly diseases as blood sugar, diabetes will far away from you. This sport is ideal for men, women and kids to increase physical stamina.


We all know that health is wealth, so to get physical and mental stamina we should not addict of drugs, smoking and alcohol. This not only spoils our physical fitness even it also spoil our brain. Discipline is another important factor. We all know that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. So follow discipline in your life and lead a healthy life.

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