Natural Fast Ways to Increase Breast Size at Home

In this ultramodern world women are always after attractive figure so nowadays a lot of women believes that bigger breast will add to their femininity and beauty; so in order to get attractive size of breast women adopts surgical procedure, pills and injection ; later they have to face harmful consequence of these makeshift, even they may face dangerous Breast Cancer so if you want to get attractive size of breast then yoga, exercise and diet are best option; in this way you will increase your breast naturally.

Causes of Small Size of Breast –

Small size of breast usually not big issue rather sometime it become social problem for women so sometime they feel low confidence and embarrassing in society literally your size of breast should be adequate according to age, height & weight so here are some reason of small size of breast.

• Hormonal Imbalance
• Poor Diet
• Thyroid
• Lack of Vitamins
• Drugs
• Energy Blockage

Healthy Diet to Increase Size of Breast

Healthy diet plays vital role to increase size of breast, healthy diet contain essential vitamin & nutrition which will increase your size of breast quickly and you will get attractive figure, so here are some healthy diet which will give you fast result .


Milk contains all essential vitamins & nutrient so it is termed as king of all diet. A pure glass of milk in breakfast with boil egg and after dinner before going to bed will give you effective result so in this way you will get attractive size of breast in home.

Papaya –

Papaya is rich source of vitamin A, it is like boon for our eyes and stomach diseases, recent research shows that it is also very helpful to get attractive figure. So if women want to get attractive figure then include this in breakfast & after lunch; essential vitamin & nutrients will stimulate hormone of your breast so you will get attractive size of breast within three months.

Soya Milks & Soya Bean –

Soya milk & Soya bean have rich source of protein as we know that Soya Milk is obtained from Soya Protein so both are effective to increase size of breast, include this in your lunch & dinner; you will get best result .

Exercise to Increase Size of Breast

If you are really concern that, “ How to increase size of breast”, then some exercise will give you fast result, combination of healthy diet & exercise will increase size of your breast in short span of time; so here are some exercises to get perfect figure of Breast.

Push Ups-

We all are aware about this exercise, this strengthen muscles of our hand & abdominal muscle regular 20 -30 push up will increase size of your breast in short span of time, follow this exercise under supervision of good fitness trainer, you will get effective result.

Inverted Push Ups-

This is similar to push up, but different is that you are not flat down to floor, but standing adjacent to a wall with your hands in level with your shoulder, don’t move your feet while move your upper body toward the wall, then stretch it back keeping your arm straight repeat this process 10 -15 times in a day.

Yoga to Increase Size of Breast –

Yoga is best option to increase size of breast, some Asana will give you fast result as well as you will feel healthy , follow these asana under supervision of Yoga teacher definitely you will get best result; Bhujangasana, Gowmukhasana & Vrikshasana will give you best result.


Big and attractive breast gives women beautiful look to women so in order to get large size of breast, Breast Massage is one of the best option. You will found many massage oil & cream as Fennel Oil, Olive Oil; rub this oil gently on your boobs in circular direction this will give you awesome pleasure, it would be much better if your partner massage your asset, another way in order to get large size of breast, gently press your breast, you will get better result.

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