How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally in a Month

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Eyes are the most beautiful and important parts of human body. Whatever is visible to us is only because of this organ through which we can differentiate among the things. However, they require much care as well. Eyesight problem is one of the most common issues among the people and it is commonly observed in small children and older people. The growing use of computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, television, are the main stuff which weakens the eyesight and results wearing of thick spectacles. Moreover, our diet and the kind of food we intake can also lead this problem. However, you do not need to worry as we are providing some important natural ways to improve your eyesight hastily and in a natural way. There are no side effects that may harm you in any way! So go through the entire blog to find out easy steps to improve your beautiful eyes.

Easy ways to naturally improve your eyesight-

The eyes are very delicate part of a human body and made up of many muscles. Thus, as all the muscles are not utilized by us, it weakens them. For healthy eyesight it is important to utilize all the muscles around the eyes that are important. Usually, the full movement potential of the orbital muscle is avoided because we do not use the concerning nerves. So, it is important to spend at least 5-10 minutes a day to practice required exercises and movement of eye muscles. You will observe the difference quickly as you will start these exercises. Thus, follow the simple steps to improve your eye naturally with the following simple exercises for eye-

Eye Movement Exercise-

Eye motion exercises are designed to strengthen the eye muscles. The exercises are designed to be carried out through mobilizing way and continue to 5 minutes every day. During the exercise, you must take deep breath and relax your body and face muscles comfortably. You must perform the following exercises on the daily basis for 8-10 times.

Up and Down-

Sit comfortably and relax, look straight in front. Now start revolving your eyes up and down. Keep your face muscles relaxed and neck in the same position. While you are moving your eyes up and down, make sure you are looking straight and as far as possible. Keep your calm down and perform the complete exercise patiently.

Right to Left-

The way you have done your exercise for right to left. Revolve your eyes from right to left patiently while keeping your neck in the same position. Keep your face muscles relaxed and take a deep breath. Do not put much stress on your eyes and perform it with patience.


Stay calm and perform the clockwise and anti-clockwise movements in your eyes. Keep your focus straight and perform it patiently. Relax your body and take a deep breath.


Likewise, now revolve your eyeballs diagonally patiently with a relaxing body. Do not need to rush and take stress. This may cause pain in your eyes, so, make sure to perform it without any hassle.

From Near to Far-


Follow a straight line from its starting point till its end. Once focus on the starting point and the other moment, follow it at the end with your eyes. Keep continuing this exercise from far and come back to the starting point again. Make your eyeballs follow them patiently and remember not to put much stress on your eyes.

While you perform these motion eye exercises, you must take a break and close them for a moment to relax. While you feel a severe headache or stressed during the session, the possibility is that you may be moving your eyeballs faster. However, no need to worry, sit comfortably and calm down.

Exercise for Relaxing Eye Muscles-

It is a must-do exercise for everyone to relax the eyes and its muscles. Sit with your backbone straight on the chair comfortably. Warm up by rubbing your hands until they feel little warm than usual. Cover your closed eyes with cupped warm palms and avoid pressurizing your eyeballs. While you will place your palms on your eyes, make sure that your nose should remain uncovered.

No light rays should pass through the gaps between the fingers or through the edge of palms. Make sure that your eyes should feel the complete darkness around keeping away the light or ray passing through your palms or fingers. While you will be covering the eyes, you may experience lingering traces of colors. However, you should keep your focus on the darkness and imagine the complete blackness. Relax your complete body by taking a deep and slow breathe. During the session, you can also visualize something pleasant or happy incidence.

You must continue this wonderful exercise regularly for three minutes for a month. Undoubtedly, eyes are the most important parts of a human body. The pain can be felt when a small particle or dust enters the eyes, so you can understand how delicate they are. So, it is really important to take care of your eyes to keep them healthy. Moreover, see the real beauty of wolrd and its different colors without lenses and thick spectacles. So, take a challenge for yourself and start with these easy exercises to naturally improve your eyes.

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