How to Get Rid of Painful Acne Scars, Pimples & Blackheads

Skin is not just the largest organs of the body but most important one too. It protects the entire body organs and prevents you from spilling out. Skin cells replace themselves from the inner edge of epidermis to the outer skin of the body. As the skin cell becomes old and approaches the skin’s surface, the old cells which dies and flattens out. Once on the surface, by joining with other dead skin cells, it forms a protective layer that helps protect you from the infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

Sebum oil is produced through the small glands present inside the hair follicles. To reach outside skin surface, the oil is mixed with skin cells. However, if too much sebum is produced, the dead cells blocks its exit from the follicle and it results into a blockage. When the bacteria further enter into this, it causes acne vulgaris, the most common problem faced by many people.

Usually, teenagers are affected by the acne problem most, but this problem can cause a serious trouble to anyone at any age. Thus, single acne can be painful and is a nightmare for all the people suffering with it. they apply different anti-acne creams and face washes or other treatments to get rid of this problem, however, you not need to worry as fortunately, there are some convenient and effective treatments available that can reduce the effect of acne problems. Go through the treatments given below and make your skin healthy and flawless.


Stop Touching Your Skin-

Sounds so easy right? However, you may be thinking how often I touch my skin. Thus, you do not know that you touch your skin while wiping your lips, itching or may be to scratch your ears. Hands are the primary parts of a human body and they perform as human mind sends the information through neurons. Thus, unknowingly, you touch your skin often times and you should restrict yourself from touching it.

Wash Your Face More Often-

Washing your face thoroughly but gently is the most effective and easiest method of keeping your face clean and healthy. While you cleanse your face with a mild soap or face wash, it helps preventing breakouts and removes the dirt and oil which might cause infections while hydrating the skin as well. Thus, you wander around and your skin gets contacted with almost all kind of pollution, that makes it dull and results into painful acne.

However, cleaning doesn’t mean that you are following all the time to wash your face. Twice a day- once in the night and once in the evening is more than sufficient. Use fresh water, mild soap and clean cloth for the process. This is the most effective and simplest method to keep your skin healthy and ridding of oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells.

 Keep Yourself Fresh-

This is, however, the most important one which not only keeps you fresh after shower, but also keeps your skin healthy. Nothing is the best other than having shower after working out in the gym. Perhaps this is one of most important ways to keep you healthy without going to gym. Find out a comfortable place at your home and give sometime to physical activities. It is not important to go to gym and overdo the painful exercises. Thus, after you are done, go for a shower and keep yourself fresh and calm.

While you sweat during workout, the sweat opens the blocks of the pores to leave your body. This helps to open the blocked pores by dead skin cells. Thus, when the sweat is evaporated, they leave the salt behind and you should wash it off soon otherwise they will again turn block the pores after drying.

Check the Quality of Your Make-Up

Makeup can be one of the major causes if you are troubled with unwanted breakouts. Many people experience the blemishes and redness while they put makeup and this may directly relate that your skin cannot bear the brand you are using. Thus, it is important to check your brand or type of makeup that suits to your skin type as well. If you are also troubled with this kind of problem then you can definitely go for the products like ‘oil free’ or ‘non-comedogenic’ which may help you preventing the blemishes on your face while wearing the makeup.

However, a simple tip should always be followed up which includes to wash off your face after the entire day or remove the make up through cleanser. Avoiding washing off your face may definitely invite the painful acne or breakouts which may be nightmare for you!

Don’t Wear “Stress” but “Smile”-

Worrying about acne will definitely going to cause acne on your face! Avoid getting worried or stressed out due to any reason. The studies have shown that many people experience a connection between stress and acne. Some kind of stress activities certainly contribute to a dull skin. However, to keep your skin healthy and glowing you must avoid worrying and stressed out by maintaining a hygiene and wearing a beautiful smile on your face. Have your balanced diet and exercise regularly, these activities will definitely help you living healthy without any skin and health problem.

Therefore, these are some effective and hands-on ways through which you can make your skin healthier and make it flawless, keeping away acne and their blemishes. Try out the above provided healthy tips regularly and experience an instant effect!

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