How to Get Long and Shiny Hair Fast

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Girls gorge on long and shiny hairs but only few are fortunate to have long and lustrous hairs. Somewhere or the other we all have followed our dadi and nani’s nooska ‘s but the problem remained same. Indian market is flooded with hair a product which promises long, bouncy, dandruff proof hairs, but no one shows the expected result, instead of repairing your damaged hairs, the chemicals in those products tarnish your scalp and you are left with frizzy, unmanageable hairs.

There is no worst thing in a girl’s life then to have a bad hair day. When it comes to skin and hair every girl sail in the same boat. Going parlor once in a blue moon is ok but daily it’s a big no!! It’s too expensive and moreover you are not sure about  the product they are using i. Then how to get long and shiny hairs!! Well desi products always work.

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Girls!! We have bounty of household products that will help us to combat with hair problems, checkout the household remedies for long and gorgeous hairs.

Avoid Styling-Styling makes hair look good but do you know the heat inducted from styling tools damages the hair muscle, which is the key cause of split ends and it makes your hair looks dull and rough. So avoid too much styling. Sometimes it’s ok but regular styling your hairs will lend you in a big mess.

Having a Balanced Diet and Less StressOne should have proper diet with all the nutrients served in your plate. Don’t depend much on supplements. Foods such as soya bean, almonds, walnuts, are good for hairs and speedy growth of hair naturally. Food rich in f iron, zinc and vitamin C, vitamin E, Biotin give nutrition to hair follicles (skin organ that produces hair) and thus are beneficial for hair growth.

Apply Amla Juice Amla is rich in vitamin c the Indian gooseberry is ideal for every hair type the citrus fruit lock the hair color. Have zett black hairs are the dream of every girl. The fruit also moistens the scalp. Grind 2-4 Amla, take a muslin cloth and put grinded amala in it and extract juice out of it. Apply the juice on the scalp and at the ends of the hairs keep it for few hours and rinse it. Regular application will give soft, heavy and black hairs within the month.

Apply Lime Juice Lime is known for its dandruff healing properties. Extract the juice out of It and mix in hair oil, apply the mixture for a1 or 2 hours and rinse it off. You will notice reduction in the dandruff within a week and well keep your scalp clean. Clean scalp will foster the hair growth.

Aloeveera and Honey Pack– Aloeveera is known as magical plant. It is  used to heal burns and rough split ends and honey moistens your scalp. Take a big of aloeveera and separate its upper green layer then through a knife extract the gel out of it, add one small spoon of honey and mix it well. Apply the mixture on the scalp keep it for 1 hour then rinse it with cold water and immediately after wash you will witness the soft, bouncy, shinny hairs.

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