How to Gain Weight Fast with 5 Healthy Ways

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Do you want to get the ideal answer of how to gain weight fast? Losing weight is a challenge for lot of people; however, it is a bigger challenge for skinny people who to put on weight. Lot of eating would definitely not be going to help you gaining weight, but for sure some changes in your diet and care will help you gaining the weight in a natural way. Are you also struggling to gain weight? Lot of eating has made you bored of your favorite food, then we are here to help you with your problem and giving some simple tips or ways to naturally enhance your weight without consuming harmful medications. If you are tired of harmful medicines and appointments with dieticians, then you do not need all these to do. After lot of research about various ways of losing the weight, we have piled up five easy steps to begin with it.

Follow these five simple steps to naturally gain weight and enhance your confidence with it-

#Tip First- Count on Your Level of Calorie –

You need to count on or check the level of calorie your body requires on the regular basis. The level of calories helps to maintain your existing weight. For this, you can calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) by using calculator available online or use the following equation to calculate the rate-

RMR = 9.99w + 6.25s – 4.92a + 166g – 161

W= weight in kilograms; divide your weight in pounds by 2.2 to calculate your weight in kilograms

S= height in centimeters; multiply your height in inches by 2.54 to calculate your height in centimeters

A= age in years

G= gender; use 1 for males and 0 for females

Once you have calculated your RMR, you can easily calculate the daily consumption by multiplying the existing RMR with 1.15. You must check on to maintain the current weight of your body.

#Tip Two- Check for the Number of Calories You Intake Regularly-

This is another important tip for you to keep up to date the number of calories you are consuming on regular basis. However, to gain weight and best results, you need to add about 500 hundred calories additionally to your daily diet. If you are working out and losing your calories with any physical activity, then you need to intake more than 500 Calories additionally to maintain your weight. Make sure to check for how many calories your physical workout burns so that you can keep check for how much to add.

#Tip Three- Maintain Your Food Diary-

This is another the most important practices that you need to do. Not just it is important for people who want to lose their weight, but it is also valuable for people who want to put on weight. By maintaining a diary of your daily food intake, you will be able to record the progress of your body on day to day basis. Make a habit to note down the number of calories you intake, physical workout you are doing which is burning your calories and the variety of food you are consuming to put on weight. This will be highly helpful to you!

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#Tip Four- Think Twice Before Consuming Unhealthy Food-

Unhealthy food consumption is the root problem of all the things. Controlling your appetite for unhealthy food should be your main focus whether you are putting on the weight or losing it, it is important in both concerns. Instead of it, look for the best foods that can offer you with higher number of calories that will further help you maintaining your weight and gaining it. Include the highly nutritious food like peanut butter topped on bread, low fat cream cheese, jelly, starchy vegetables and lot of fruits. In fact, go for healthy oils like canola oil, palm oil and olive oil.

#Tip Five- Enhance Your Metabolism by Lifting Weight-

This process helps to convert the extra calories that you intake to muscles. Lifting weights will stimulate your appetite while increasing the metabolism process in your body. That will create a craving for you to eat more to maintain your weight. Thus, these are some important healthy tips or ways through which you can put on weight conveniently. Follow the tips and see the magic!

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