How to Deal with Rejection in Love

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Love is a beautiful  feeling, but it is not important that the person whom you love should also love back to you. However, getting rejected from a a person  you loved the most is a traumatizing experience, but one should not make it a mountain out of a molehill, that means the grief stricken person should not think that his world has ended rather he should make efforts to move on your life and forget the rejection. The following ways can help you to lead a peaceful life

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Spend Time with Your Friends

When a person is heartbroken he tends to spend time with himself only and link the rejection with the biggest failure.Thinking over a same thing constantly will only lead towards the rejection so despite of exaggerating the event in your head, share our feelings, experience with your buddies .Though we don’t share a blood relation with our friends, but they are the one who listens to us patiently and  give petty solutions, those solutions might not be useful but they are worthy enough to bring a  smile on our face.Morever they make us realize that we are not alone, they are there with us. The sense of proximity with buddies  will help you to overcome from the pain.

Don’t be Pessimistic about Yourself

Often after  breakup or  rejection people tend to  blame them self for the whole instance, they forget that it was destined to happen. Moreover, there can be other reasons of rejection which are not related to them. For example, that person might love someone else, so one should not curse himself for the whole episode rather one should  take it in the positive way.People also start feel pity about themselves, the more you will regret about the fact, the more you will get trapped in the dilemma and wont be able tyo sustain a peaceful life. So be optimistic about yourself and live life king size.

Exclude Yourself from that Person

Remaining in the contact of the person whom you loved can be painful. Besides all  you will never be able to move on in the life.Remaining close to her or him will remind the strings of feelings that you felt for that person and there will be a an uncertainty between you both for example, if you had feelings for one of your friends than sharing the same peer group will never heel your pain rather, his or her presence will remind you about the  rejection and you will never be able to come out of it. So its better to maintain the distance with the person and if possible from common friends also.

Enjoy the Singlehood

This point is sum of the above points.Try to live every moment and be thankful to whatever happened, there must be a  good thing hidden in the rejection. Meet your friends, accomplish your other dreams, party hard and do whatever you like to do despite of remembering that person .Try to avoid the things which remind you of that person.

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