How High Heels are Affecting Your Body and Bones

How High Heels Are Affecting Your Body and Bones
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Nowadays people are fond of fashion; they are adopting all latest fashion which are launching in the markets. Especially women and girls are fond of fashion; either they are in party or outing with friends they wear special dress in special occasion. Nowadays maximum women prefer to wear high heels, it gives her complete look. High heels give them perfect look. But did you ever think that, high heels may affect your health. So in this article we are going to share you risks and health issue of wearing high heels.

How High Heels Are Affecting Your Body and Bones

Usually women wear heels every day because it give them best look in every garment either they wear western or Indian attire. But somewhere heels below your foot affecting your health; several health risks are associated with it. The pain you feel you feel in lower legs and ankle are just glimpse. Actually, there are several issues of wearing heels, which you cannot feel right now. So here we are going to describe that, how heel boot affect another part of body.


Well, people wear high heels in feet so it is important for you that, how it is affecting your legs. Usually feet work as weight distributing shock absorber that cushions your skeleton from jumping and running. So when you pack your feet in high and tight heel then in this scenario maximum weight of the body shifts toward on the balls of feet and delicate toe bones. The higher the heel, the bigger and dangerous impact is. Keeping your feet in curved position from heel to toe, the transition becomes abrupt, forcing you to keep the feet in slanting position. Staying like this all time will damage your bone.

High heel shoed can cause nerve and bone damage in women's feet

Ankles and Calves

Wearing high heels all time, forces your ankle to bend forward; so in this scenario circulation of blood restricted in lower limbs. It also damage spider veins. Walking with high heels also for long hours stiffen your Achilles tendons, which anchor your calf muscle upto your heels, causing your calves to bunch up. So you may face trouble in walking in bare feet.


knee is the largest joint in the body, it works as shock absorbers just like springs. Walking with high heels all time creates extra pressure on inner side of the knees. In the long run you might be damaging your knees that would not be even repairable.

High heels definitely give you complete look, but somewhere it is too risky for your health. You must be having pain in lower back, that pain is gift of your high heels. In order to keep your feet in high heels and to help you move easily, your spine needs to sway unnaturally. And for long period of time your spines sways unnaturally, it stresses your lumbar erector spine muscle.

Your bones and limbs also need rest like the other vital part of the body. High heels give you unnatural height and this also affect bone structure. As a result, you have stiffness and in the worst case you can dislocate your bone. Give some rest to your body, wear short heels. Don

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