Best Home Hair Spa for Long Beautiful Silky Hair

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Every woman and girl wants silky hair, but it’s up to you that how you maintain your hair. Many SPAs available that provide a different type of hair spa but it’s so costly therefore I offer you some tips of hair spa at home. Yes, it’s possible to do a hair spa at home for dry frizzy hair by using some natural things that provide you shiny hair. If you are facing dandruff then my tips help you, just using homemade hair spa for dandruff and you can also use this homemade hair spa for straightened hair.

Now the question is how to do hair spa in home? So just have a look over the natural treatments in homemade hair spa.

How to Do Hair Spa At Home for Beautiful Silky Hair

1.Olive Oil Hair Spa Treatment

Olive oil is a natural treatment for your hair that provides care, just starting with a massage by small amount of olive oil in your hair & leaves it for fifteen minutes. Next soak fabric of cotton in warm water then squeeze it to remove water and wrap your hairs from fabric. Now remove the towel from hairs & get steam to your hairs for 10 minutes, then using mild shampoo & rinse it well. Just using this treatment and you surely forget your simple conditioner as it gives you the best conditioning to your hairs.Olive Oil Hair Spa Treatment

2.Eggs Hair Spa Treatment

The eggs are a great source of protein that will assist you to help hair grow, preventing all hair damage as well as get strength to your hair. Remember one thing always that never use warm water to wash out egg mask on the hairs as always use with cold water to finish egg smell from your hair. Only taking 1 egg & add enough coconut oil then gently apply it in your hairs. Now wrap your hair with warm towel & leave it for 20 minutes, follow it by a mild shampoo.Eggs Hair Spa Treatment

3.Hair Spa Treatment With Milk And Honey

Milk and honey mask is very simple to use hair mask & it would be suiting all hair requirements. Taking a tablespoon of honey, then add it in one glass raw milk and apply it complete hairs from their roots with massage. Now leave it for 15 minutes & rinses with warm water, then a mild shampoo as this mask will definitely give shine to your hairs.Hair Spa Treatment With Milk And Honey

4.Beer Hair Spa Treatment

The beer is a good styling treatment for dry hairs because beer contains protein that can help strengthen, increase shine and moisturize your hairs. Doing this treatment only once in a week then as usual shampoo your hairs then gently massage in your hairs & last rinse it off.

Beer Hair Spa Treatment

5.Hair Spa Treatment With Strawberry

Strawberry is really a yummy food to eat & also good for hairs. Just take a 1 cup of strawberries & add 1 egg yolk, then add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Now mix it to make a paste & apply it in your hairs for only 15 minutes then rinse it with mild shampoo.

Hair Spa Treatment With Strawberry

6.Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Spa Treatment

Just mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water in small spray bottle then spray this mixture on your hairs & leave it only for 15 minutes. Then wash your hairs with shampoo & conditioner as it is a great way to immediately soften up hairs and also control frizz.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Spa Treatment

7.Hair Spa Treatment With Bananas

Bananas are a good source of potassium; vitamins & natural oil that can help to soften up your hairs as it is also overcome split ends & all the damage of hairs. Just peeling a banana then adds a cup of olive oil, 1 egg white and put it in blender, then applies it over the hairs & leaves it for 20 minutes. At last use mild shampoo with conditioner to clean your hairs.

Hair Spa Treatment With Bananas

8.Coconut Cream Hair Spa Treatment

Coconut contains saturated fat that is helping to deep conditioning your hairs, just make a paste of coconut cream in a mixer or purchase it from the shop. Taking enough amount of cream in the bowl & gently massage with your hands for five minutes. Now cover your hairs through warm towel & let this mask for one hour then wash out throughout mild shampoo, just avoid blow drying after wash the hairs.

Coconut Cream Hair Spa Treatment

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