Healthy Tips of Your Brain, Eyes, Heart and Lungs

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Healthy Tips for Heart, Brain, Lungs and Heart

The Tips of Your Brain, Eyes, Heart and Lungs and giving you healthy and happy life. Our body parts play an important role to make you healthy, they can interact with each other and do their work.  Brain, eyes, lungs, liver and heart are the important parts of our body which make us healthy, and also make sure that this parts of body will be fit. Here some tips to make healthy of your body parts: –


Healthy Tips for Brain

Sleeping is good for health and your brain also. Sleep at least 7-8 hours daily. Add some activity which is related with your brain like reading, solve crossword, driving, learning new language and typing. In this technology era you can use dome of the apps to learning language and other activities. Sometime when you calculate any amount, use your brain instead of calculator. Remember some mobile number that is very helpful of your brain and make sure your body weight is not go on overweight.

Healthy Diet for Brain: 

  • Dry fruits is good for human brain. Take 7-8 almond daily.
  • Vitamin E is good for brain, you can take vitamin e from fruit juice, milk, egg, green vegetables etc.
  • Don’t take alcohol, coffee, tea, cold drinks and salt. Drink 2 litre water daily.
  • Eat 5-6 carrot daily which improve of your brain memory power.


  • Jogging, brisk walk, cycling, get oxygen of your brain and make healthy of your damage brain cells
  • You can also try jumping jack exercise to make fresh of your tired brain
  •  Meditation make it cool of your mind and refresh your daily work.


Healthy Tips for Eyes

If you use computer in their work, it give bad effect of your eyes. You can take some action like after every 20 minutes working of their pc look at other location which too far from you and after 2 hours give some rest to your eyes and walk for 5 minutes. You can also use sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. After every 6 months check your eyes with specialist and if you use contact lenses change their cover after 2-3 months.

Healthy Diet for Eyes:

  • Anti-oxidant, vitamin E and Vitamin C is good for human eye, you can take this from oranges, carrot and strawberry.
  • All vegetables make healthy of eye so eat every vegetable.
  • Eat yellow part of egg which contain tutine and jacksonthine with zinc, it help eye macula.
  • Eat vitamin e diet and 7-8 almond daily.

Exercise: –

  • Simple exercise of eye, just close your eye and lift your eye ball left to right and right to left.
  • To give rest of your eye first close your eye and after 5 second open them.
  • Rub your hand and place them on your eyes. But don’t pressure on your eyes just place over slightly. Do this 10 times in a day.


Healthy Tips for Heart

Daily 2 kilometer walking is good for heart and for healthy heart control your body weight and waist. Avoid smoking which give bad effect of your heart and alcohol damage of your heart pulses. For control your stress hear music, watch comedy shows on TV and mediation is good choice.

Healthy Diet for Heart:

  • Avoid refined and palm oil and use olive oil which is good for heart.
  • Add salad and apple in your lunch and dinner. Vitamin K are available in tomato and apple which helps to stop bleeding of your brain
  • Eat green vegetables which contain low calories and fibres.
  • Light use of butter and cream in your diet.


  • If you don’t want to exercise daily so join dance classes.
  • Daily 30 min brisk walk makes healthy of your heart, some expert suggest this exercise over jogging because in this exercise people less tired but gain high calories.
  • You can also add stretching in your exercise which makes your body flexible.


Healthy Tips for Lungs

If you snoring while you sleep, it is serious and talk with your doctor of your snoring problem. There is bad effect of snoring in human lungs as like you smoke. Smoking is injurious to health and lungs so we suggest don’t smoke to make healthy of your lungs. Those people who work in mines, construction site, textile and in bakery, regular health check-up is good for them. In the Tips of Your Brain, Eyes, Heart and Lungs, Lungs are most important of your body.

Healthy Diet for Lungs:

  • Eat Minimum 1 Apple in a Daily which makes your lungs healthy and Asthma.
  • Grapes, Oranges and Tomato provide vitamin c and anti-oxidant which give protection of human lung.
  • Don’t Eat Chewing Gum because it pass air in your lungs which is bad of health.


  • Daily 30 Min Walking or Jogging helps to healthy lungs.
  • Must Warm up before Start your Exercise and relax and stretch after complete it.
  • “Pranayam” makes healthy of your lungs. Hence, we can say that follow these Tips of Your Brain, Eyes, Heart and Lungs to live long life.

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