7 Best Free Fitness Apps for iPhone & iPad

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Do you know 7 Best Free Fitness Apps? Hundreds and thousands of iPhones and iPad applications are available today. Some include the category of “paid” and some are “free” to download. However, which application for your lovable phone is trending today? Which one to choose for your Iphone? Selecting your desired app among all is the most difficult thing. You need to go through the list of different apps and select the best one that you find is exciting and the best for you! However, all you Geeks, here in this blog you can find the list of top ten iPhone or Ipad Applications that are selected and refined after a big survey. The most used and liked apps are on the list from top to bottom and select the best one for your phone too!

Fitness Buddy Free-

This is one of the best 7 Best Free Fitness Apps. Fitness lovers, here is an application for your wonderful iPhone or iPad. This app is designed for the fitness lovers who love healthy lifestyle and would love this. In this app, there are 300 exercises routines that an individual can choose from and add their log once you complete the workout.

Fitness Free also allows you to customize your exercises. The entire exercises include the instructions on how to perform. Moreover, it will also help you finding out to fit within your daily or weekly routine. This application is free for Iphone and iPad users; however the paid version is available with many more advanced features. However, the free version is enough for the beginners.

Carb Counting with Lenny-

Carb Counting is an app designed especially for the children with diabetes and is a fun to operate. This app helps diabetic children to increase their control and become confident in managing their diabetes. Moreover, Carb Counting also allows these children to eat different kinds of food like other normal kids but with sense of control in them. For the children to maintain their good blood sugar levels, it is important for parents and caretakers to plan their food and meals with the help of this app.

Veg out-

Many people are turning vegetarian as they find healthy food in it. However, it is really difficult to find a restaurant where scrumptious food is served for veggie lovers. Veg Out! Is an app designed especially for you. Incorporated with Google Maps technology, Veg Out helps the hungry freaks to find the best vegetarian restaurant in the city where they can enjoy eatery! The app provides a list of restaurants which are user-ratings based and ranked accordingly.

Water Works-

How much water you need to intake? WaterWorks is an app to remind you to complete your H2O intake and meet your target before the end of the day. A little Godsend app for all those individuals who live life on the go and forgets about the most important tasks like drink sufficient water to stay hydrated. Under this app, the users can set up their own water containers along with their respective sizes (including litres, gallons, ounces, etc.). This way you can calculate the amount of water you intake in a day on regular basis.


With this app, you can track the intake of food and calorie on the daily basis. In addition to it, SparkPeople also help you record the regular workout, plan weight watch meals and the progress you are making to meet your goals. This app has created a buzz and people have already downloaded this application in their iPhones and iPads and enjoying using this app. The app is designed very user-friendly which allows you to keep track of your daily food and workout you do. Moreover, you can create an online SparkPeople Account in which you can link your information.

Good Food Near You-

To find the best restaurants nearby to your proximity, Good Food Near You is an app which is designed for you. The app helps you finding the best restaurant in your locale which offers an exclusive menu for veggie-lovers and served keeping in mind your health. The app will also provide you information about average fat that is being served in buritto available with Mexican takeaway. The funny thing about these apps is that they should be avoided taking out on birthdays and special occasions, but definitely helps you finding healthy food on the go!

Runkeeper Pro-

The best app to track the run, the average speed, the pace you are running at and calories that have burned during the run. Runkeeper Pro uses Google Maps to plan routes and the places where you can work out. While you are using this app, you can use all the other apps like iPod and camera without requiring to pause it. this means that you can jog around the jog path enjoying the music and clicking pictures. Runkeeper Pro is the favorite app of many who love running and living a healthy lifestyle.Thus, these are the 7 Best Free Fitness Apps which are buzz on the internet. Thus, download your favorite app from the above listed ones and enjoy living a stress free life, just you need to do is keep your phone charged!

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