Happy New Year Movie (2014) Review, Star Cast, Collection

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Directed by – Farah Khan

Produced by– Gauri Khan(under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment.)

Written by- Farah Khan, Althea Kaushal,

Dialogues -Mayur Puri

Screenplay-Farah khan

Star cast– Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah

Music by – Vishal – Shekhar

Rating : [usr=3 size=20 text=”false”]

About the film

Happy New Year is an ensemble star cast film . The recently released film is a blend of action, comedy and drama. After seven years, the actor-director duo have come together. The last film they did together was Om Shanti Om(2007), starred, Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in the lead role respectively.The film was the super hit of that time and had a record breaking collection. The reunion of the Shahrukh and Farah and Diwali release, has once again proved lucky for them as HNY is also breaking all the latest record, the film has so far garnered box office collections of Rs 108.86.The film has got the mixed reactions.Despite of not so good reviews from the critics, the box office collection of the film is not affected and the film.The film has already surpassed Kick. The film has been released worldwide by Yash Raj films. The whole team of HNY went London,NewJersey, Washington, Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver and San Jose  for a dance tour SLAM!  To promote their film. Before the release of the film HNY game was launched Android and iOSand not to forget the dance reality show Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale. All these unique promotional strategies have worked in the favor of the film so far.



Charlie (Shahrukh Khan) pledges to take the revenge from the  Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff).Years back  Shroff ditched Charlie’s father(Anupam kher) and implicated the false case of robbery on him. Over the years Charlie has made a master plan to steal the Shalimar Diamonds from Grover and ditch him as he did to his father. Meanwhile, Charlie realizes that his plan cannot be executed without a team.In the course of time he explores 6 different people, who together can engineer his master plan. The 6 characters are introduced as ,Jag(Sonu Soods) Charlie’s childhood friend, bomb disposal  squad captain,Tammy(Boman Irani) ,safe cracker and  Charlie’s father’s childhood friend and  Rohan (Vivaan Shah), a hacker and Jags.The team is completed but soon they explore that they cannot continue their plan without the fingerprints   of Charan’s son, Vikki(Abhishek Bachchan). In order to match the fingerprints another member Nandu, Vikki’s look like is  added to the team.The extended team  now starts planning for stealing diamonds.The twist in the story comes when they realize that to further implement their plan they have to participate in  the World Dance Championship, and none of them knows dancing, so again the hunt begins, but this time for a dancer who can teach them dancing, after a bid Mohini( Deepika Padukone) is introduced as a bar dancer, and Charlie finds her perfect dancer teacher. After some high and low  circumstances the team, surprisingly  tends to make its way into the finale of the  championship.During the climax, the reason behind the title of the film Happy New Year is disclosed, as the diamond are robbed on the new year itself. The film ends with Charlie and the team winning the championship  and Charlie succeeds in their master plan.Like every Shahrukh film it too has happy ending where he  proposes Mohini.


Starting with romance king Shahrukh Khan, well they are hardly romantic scenes in the film. Though it’s not his forte, but still the superstar succeeded in tickling the nerve of the audience, He is the “Badshah” of acting with this stint title remain intact with him, moving on our sexy, hot and elegant Deepika Padukone, she does what, in which she is best, she just mesmerizes the audience with her funny English and hot dance moves. Like always Bomen Irani has given his best and has added the flavor of his humor with his funny gigs like mera pyar Shalimar….(his love for Shalimar diamonds).Abhisheck Bachchan ,who has done a  double role in the film has pulled his character, especially of Nandu very well, he remains in the skin of his character the one liner Nandu bheede demag mai keedai is best . Sonu Sood fits in the character of the Jag, who has a hearing problem and starts flaunting his muscle, if someone call his Ma pagl and how can we forget  his sense of imitating Shahrukh, style from Om Shanti Om .Last not least Vivaan Shah, son of Naseeruddin Shah, suavely assays his character of a hacker, he has a long way to go.


The film has already earned Rs 108 crore at the box office, according the to box office traders the film will break all the records; it has already surpassed the collection of the Kick in the single day. There are chances that it may surpass Amir Khans Dhoom 3 box office collection also. Overall its worth watching, musical heist.

Box Office Collection:

Friday 44.97cr
Saturday 31.60cr
Sunday 32.29cr
Monday 15 cr
Tuesday 13.50cr
Total Domestic 137.37cr
Oversease Collection 58.50cr
Total Worldwide Collection 195.87cr

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