Halloween Party Costumes and Makeup Ideas 2014 for Men’s, Women’s and Kids

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If you are planning to participate in the Halloween celebrations this time, then go for  some thing different and scary, since the day is homage for dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers, so you can dressed up like one of the serial killer like Dexter Morgan, dressing like voodoos is also a great option, you can go for voodoo doll costume,voodoo girls with scars and stitches, you can also accessorize with weapon and armours.

If you want to look unique then you can also try pet costumes, especially like a wolf and vampires.You can go with dark  make up which symbolizes  hatred.Yo can also done the look of a Pirate, but if you have taken a pledge to scare others then you can also consider scariest monsters and demons like  Dearg Due – the Irish vampire, Banshee – the Irish wailing ghost, Carman – the Celtic witch.

We have give you a bounty of options, no it depends on you, which look  you will grace to celebrate the Halloween.

Suggestion for Men:

men 2-compressedimage Source :www.eventsstyle.com


image Source :www.eventsstyle.com

men 4-compressed

image Source :www.kostuempalast.de

men 3-compressedimage Source :www.eventsstyle.com

men 2-compressedimage Source :www.freehdimageswallpapers.com

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