Top 10 Most Funny And Weird Reasons Stated For A Divorce

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People have gone crazy and therefore  state  crazy  reasons to file a divorce in the court.In recent years the percentage of divorce has increased 20-30% globally.The term marriage is losing its importance gradually. On one side, there are people who are still together after 75 years of their wedding and to its contrary, there are people who ask for divorce after only 75 hours of their marriage. The list of weird and funny reasons for  getting a divorce is endless.Lets  have a sneak-peak  at those couples who stated most weird reasons for the separation.


1. Manners of The Husband

A  Kuwaiti woman demanded for a  divorce when she discovered that her husband used bread  for eating green pea, instead of a fork, yes you read it right, a woman asked for a divorce because of a  so called table manners. Omg!!…a pea  become the reason of divorce, hard to believe.

2. Snoring Habit of Husband:

A Chinese woman pleaded for divorce  found her husband snoring and because of his such habit she could not take complete , the women added that  she hasn’t taken a sound sleep, since she had married, and  because of the snoring she got ill and shed lots of weight.The judge granted them and asked the husband to pay 5,000 yuan, or $806.45 as an  alumni to the wife.Well, the reasons  justifies the saying” bad health leads to bad relation”.

3. Bathroom With One Bucket for 6 People:

A  couple filed  for divorce because of a bathing bucket. The wife stated that  there are 6 people and one bathroom that too with one bucket and when she demanded for a separate bucket she was denied which further leaded a verbal spat between the couple and they pleaded for the separation. Isn’t  it a cranky reason, for a a divorce??

4. Cleaning Habits of Husband:

 A husband was so  cleanliness freak that her wife boycotted  him, stating the man used to clean everything and keeps on re-arranging furniture. The wife tolerated, but the men crossed all heights when he knocked off the interior wall and build it again because it was dirty. Poor wife, she should be lucky enough, that her husband did not knock  her when she used to get dirty!! LOLZ..

5. Wife Does Not Cook Great Food:

What will you do if your partner serves the food which you don’t like?? Obviously, you will ask her to not serve that dish, but a British husband went on to seek  divorce when his wife served him, his  least favorite dish  tuna casserole. Such a sick person!!

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6. Saved Wife Number with Nick Name:

Calling your partner by his or her nickname is the most romantic thing to do, but, there some people who believe it a blunder, therefore a   lady in Saudi Arabia divorced her husband because he had saved her name in the mobile phone by the nickname, “Guantanamo”. Ufff, poor hubby!!

7. Parrot Speaking Divorce:

In June 2001, a lady urge for a divorced because her parrot started speaking “divorce”, “be patient” and “I love you”. She thought that her husband is having an affair and that’s why the parrot learned these words. All thanks to the court for not accepting the  a bird as an evidence, and she was denied  the divorce. Poor women !!!

8. Talkative Habits of Partner:

Before marriage people tend to know there would be partner and their habits.There are many couples who asked for the divorce only because they found that their  partner is too talkative unlike them. Can’t they explore such habits before the wedding… Crazy people!!

9. Husband Not Like Movies of Disney Cartoons:

In Japan, a wife separated from his husband because did not like the movies of Disney cartoons.According to her, a person who cannot admire a beauty of such a wonderful movie can never live a happy married life. The women might have stated such reason as she  thought herself one of the character of that movie and women can’t take it when her husband does not compliment her.. We feel pity for the guy.

10. Husband Brought His Mother on Honeymoon:

In Italy, a lady filled a case of divorce because her husband brought his mother on his honeymoon. Poor Mumma’s boy can’t resist from mother even on his honeymoon.



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