Best 9 Tips for Face Makeup to Natural Look

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How to Apply Makeup on Face in Right Way

Best 9 Tips for Face Makeup to Natural Look are stated by us in this article. Makeup is a common need of every girl and woman because makeup is a part of our daily life as it makeover our face with their magic. There are many makeup types available like makeup for the festival, any occasion, formal parties, normal parties, wedding and many more. But we don’t understand how to do makeup for party; some women’s goes parlous for doing makeup. Makeup is an art that is not done with everyone, some persons doing training for doing makeup. It’s not necessary that you are always doing makeup from outside as you can do makeup at home, so if you think that how to do makeup at home then I provide some steps that make you more gorgeous.

Remember one thing, always using natural looking makeup products for your skin because some makeup gets many problems to your skin like itching, pimples, acne etc. Therefore, use one of the best makeup brands for your face which are famous and most important thing that suits your skin without facing any hassle, so let’s start our today’s interesting topic which is how to do right makeup for your face & this topic especially for girls and women’s.

Step 1- Hide Your Dark Circles

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The very first step to do makeup is hiding your complete dark circles by applying moisturizer with SPF to assist concealed glide on fluently. Use moisturizer only where you need such as on blemishes and under eye a circle which is matched to your skin. Apply some stripes by brush, then using your ring finger to take the lightest touch. For getting more Best 9 Tips for Face Makeup to Natural Look read the full article till end.

Step 2- Touch of Base

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To getting perfect looking skin at speedy way, exploit a foundation stick & it’s easy to give you a plenty precise application. Just using sticks like marker, draw lines on your nose, down the cheekbones, above brows & blend with your fingers. This is one of the Best 9 Tips for Face Makeup to Natural Look. After that, use a second stick which are 2 or 3 shades darker at all the similar places for glow. Now mix the both colors on face & down over your neck using your fingers as the heat of your hands will easily warm up foundation & assist it to glide.

Step 3- Set Your Foundation

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If you are looking for a long lasting makeup, then you can exploit a setting powder to hold the foundation on your face. Only use a fluffy brush to cover the total face as this step is very important & helpful if you are using liquid foundation. It’s really useful to set foundation over your face which may be making a presence.

Step 4- Add Deepness along with contouring

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Commonly, this step makes your skin longer in presence & thinner as afford you the shadows which are naturally occurring without foundation. So always add deepness with contouring whenever you set your foundation over your face.

Step 5- Apply Some Blush

After the set your foundation, add some blush over your cheeks as using a larger brush to apply blush on your cheeks. Don’t go with a heavy blush as add sufficient to restock the color which would form naturally.

Step 6- Using an Eye Shadow Primer

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This is another important step that used by every woman because applying eye shadow primer helps you to stay eye shadow for longer time. If you don’t use eye shadow, then after sometime you noticed that your eyebrows becomes faded and oily, just blending eye shadow from the roots of your lashes to over of your crease.

Step 7- Apply Little Eyeliner

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The eyeliner offers the illusion of a fuller lash line as select which color who look same to your natural hair color to go with your lashes. If you want a smudgy look, then using eyeliner pencil or make a shiny and smooth look with liquid eyeliner or cream. You can also add eyeliner on your bottom lash line for the bold and darker look appearance; otherwise you simply follow the lash line from the inside to outside corner.

Step 8- Now Using Mascara

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To finish your eye makeup, you should have to fill the top off your eyes with some mascara as you can select your mascara type according to your need. If you have small lashes then execute mascara which adds length or if you have thinner lashes that use a volumizing mascara. Just apply mascara to over the lashes with the upward strokes, done your both eyes with 2 coats then left it to dry.

Step 9- Finish off with Lips

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Firstly, using lip balm on your lips that helps to prevent lips from flaking later than line the lips with lip liner which is matches your color of lips. Just sharpener the lip liner & make lips around your natural lip line, only using the pencil to fill your lip line. At last, select gloss or lipstick of your choice to go on the lip liner, just using that lipstick that makes you more confident & sexier.

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