8 Tips To Take Care Of The Newborn Baby

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Taking care of your new born baby can be the most cherished experience.Two things which play a vital  role in the  development of your infant are the  environment around him  and the food which you feed to him. The baby needs an utmost affection and time from their parents. After 2-3 days of the birth the infant start recognizing the people around him .The way you treat him will further shape his behavior and health. If you want your baby to enjoy the sound infancy, then you should  give hands on  following guidelines

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#1. Breastfeeding Up To The 6 Months– Mothers milk is like a healthy tonic foe an infant, it makes his immune system strong also it prevents the illness and. According  to the  latest latest studies , the breastfed  infants are stronger than other babies. Also, breastfeeding helps the mother to shed the weight, which she gained during the pregnancy.

#2. Hold The Baby Very Gently– Put  your left hand beneath the baby’s neck to give it a support, since the bones of newborn are very sensitive so  it might get hurt, if  you hold him tightly. Don’t  shake the baby. The shaking can damage his brain or he may die also.Most important wash or sanitize your hands before holding the baby, since their  immune system is not strong so they are vulnerable to infection.

#3. Cradle The Infant -Cradle the infants in your arms or laps, but don’t keep it firm otherwise he may feel dizzy Play with your baby, sing a song for him or use rattle as infants love the sound, and immediately respond to it. Humming a  lullaby  is the best way to give him sound sleep.

#4. Bathe Your Infant– Bathing an infant is most risky job, the water should be neither  hot nor cold, before dipping the infant in the tub of water, check the water .Gently put water on him and avoid the contact  of water with eye,s nose and mouth.Be so soft, use baby products like baby shampoo, baby soap because they have mild  chemicals.

#5. Play With Your BabyAfter  giving bathe to your baby,  wrap him with the soft, baby towel and lay down the baby on your laps, gently wipe the water from his body,  put a cream or baby oil and give him a gentle massage, after giving him a massage, dub the powder on his body.While doing all these keep talking to the baby, after the massage , with utmost care put on the clothes, his hands, legs and head are very sensitive so be extra careful.

#6. Keep Your Baby CleanTry  to avoid  using diapers,  as it may be allergic to the baby’s skin.The moment he wets his cloth change them and clean the private parts very gently with the soft and light cloth.

#7. Give Him A Your Skin Touch– Don’t leave the baby alone.The baby should feel protected, hold him, start talking, babbling, singing, or cooing with your baby. Play some music for the baby while you’re bonding

#8. Regular CheckupTake your infant to the  doctor regular and don’t skip any vaccination.

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