Cardiovascular Diseases: Types, Symptoms and Treatment

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We all know proverb, “Health is wealth”. Our life style is changing rapidly; late night work and indiscipline life style are main cause of different diseases. Cardiovascular disease is now common among masses. Literally Cardiovascular disease refers to block of blood vessels that can lead a heart attack, chest pain or stroke. Literally treatment of heart disease is very costly even some family can’t afford the cost; so from here we are going to share you some useful tips you just need to follow it, it will work effectively and you never complain about cardiovascular disease it will save your time as well as money.

Types of Cardiovascular Disease-

Ischemic Heart Disease-

It is most common type of cardiovascular disease in India and other industrialized country around the world. It refers to problem with circulation of blood to heart muscle. A partial blockage of one or more of the coronary arteries can result in a lack of enough oxygenated blood thus causing symptoms as chest pain and shortness of breath.

Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke) –

It refers to problem with circulation of blood in the blood vessels of the brain. Generally in this disease patient suffers at least twenty four hours. Patient who suffers from long term effect of stroke is known as cerebrovascular thrombosis.

Peripheral Vascular Disease-

In this disease patient generally complains of pain in their calves while walking.

Heart Failure-

Patient with heart failure suffers from swelling in leg and shortness of breath. In this disease pumping action of heart unable to provide enough blood to rest of part of body. This can happen as result of damage of heart muscle for example excessive consumption of Alcohol.

Rheumatic Heart Disease –

It is common in poor countries, it begins with bacterial infection in childhood affecting joints and heart valves. It appears many years later usually valve have to be replaced by operation.

Congenital Heart Disease-

It arises due to birth defect , usually in this disease a small hole is generated inside the wall of heart which affect the flow of blood through the heart and lungs, it is severe problem immediate surgery is needed otherwise patient can lost his life.

Reason of Cardiovascular Disease-

According to National Health Service (UK) there are main risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, they are:

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) –

This is one of the major risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). If you show negligence for high blood pressure then artery wall of heart become damaged, raising the risk of developing a blood clot.

Physical Inactivity-

Maximum people suffer from CVD due to less physical activity. People who live predominantly sedimentary life tend to have higher blood pressure, more stress hormone, higher blood cholesterol level and more likely to be over weight. These all are risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Drinking too much Alcohol-

People who drink too much Alcohol tend to have higher blood pressure or blood cholesterol level.


This includes both types 1 and 2. High blood sugar levels can harms the arteries. Type 2 Diabetes is main cause of overweight or obese, which are also risk factors of CVD.

Symptoms of Cardiovascular Disease-

Chest Discomfort-

Chest pain is classic symptoms of CVD. Usually patient suffers from intolerable pain for while at least for 5 to 10 minutes.

Pain in Other Parts of the Body-

It seems little but literally it is symptoms of CVD. Initially pain begins in the chest and spread to the shoulder, arms, elbow and other parts of the body. But some time there is no chest pain; just pain in these other body areas like one or both arms, or between the shoulders. The pain might come and go.


Basically patient suffers from excess sweating.


Generally fluids are accumulate in body of heart patient this can cause swelling in feet, ankles and legs. Thereby they feel sudden gain in weight and sometime they feel lack of appetite.


Heart patient feel extreme and unexplained weaknesses even they can’t hold a piece of paper between fingers.

Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease-

Cardiovascular disease is severe disease; here we are sharing following treatment which will give you better result and you don’t need to visit doctor.

Green Tea-

Recent research shows that if heart patient takes more than five cups of green tea in a day then it reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by twenty six percent. It contains powerful antioxidants improves the health of cells that form the innermost lining of heart and blood vessels. It helps reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Fenugreek contain powerful anti oxidant that reduces the risk of Atherosclerosis. It reduces the platelet aggregation, thus decreasing the risk of abnormal blood clotting associated with heart attack and stroke. Plus, it helps lower cholesterol, blood sugar and excess fat.

• Soak one teaspoon of Fenugreek seeds in water in overnight

• Eat the soaked seeds on an empty stomach on next morning.

• Follow this daily for few months.

Garlic –

Garlic is beneficial for condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease plus, it improves circulation.

• Eat one or two freshly crushed garlic cloves daily. Drink one glass of milk after eating it if you found that taste too strong.


It is beneficial for treating heart and circularity system, it contains capsaicin which reduce the risk of irregular heart rhythm of heart and lower cholesterol level. It contain phytochemicals purify the blood and enhance immunity.

Additional Tips to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

• Maintain healthy diet
• Limit fat, cholesterol and salt in your diet.
• Stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake.
• Keep diabetes under control
• Reduce stress and practice regular relaxation technique.

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