Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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In this ultramodern world people are suffering from deadly diseases as Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Apart from these diseases some diseases are very dangerous if patient ignore it at initial stage then it became incurable later. Cancer is such type of disease where, bit negligence and patient may lose his life.

Cancers are large family of diseases in which patient finds uncontrolled growth of cells with potential to invade or spread to the other part of the body.

Type of Cancer

There are many different types of cancers some of them most common are following.

  • Breast Cancer,
  • Lung Cancer,
  • Blood Cancer,
  • Brain Cancer,
  • Lung Cancer.

Here we will cast light on Breast Cancer, breast cancer basically originates from breast tissues, both men and women can be chivied by it, but it is rare in men. Basically women suffer from breast cancer due to low awareness about the disease; people cannot detect it at initial stage. Detecting it early can significantly reduce the death risk.

Cause of Breast Cancer-

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