10 Best Seafood Which will Boost Your Body Cell

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Do you know seafood is a good source of proteins, vitamin and minerals? According to the latest scientific study, sea foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which  prevent the onset of the chronic diseases like cancer. The health organization recommends, supplementing two seafood every week as it is a nutrient  rich food. The fish are counted as main seafood item, so  here  are10 different sea foods, mostly unfolding distinct species of fishes which will boost your body cells.

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ScallopsThe dish is considered as the worlds healthiest food. The  tender texture and mild, sweet savour can be consumed by those also who don’t like fish eateries.The fish is rich in vitamin B12, phosphorus and iodine, so people suffering from goiter,thyroid or cancer or heart related  problems, should consume the dish to cure the fatal diseases.

ClamsThe steamed clams is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and omega3 fatty acids. Clams can be consumed as  salads or can added in the pasta to increase the nutritional value of the dish. They are available round the year. Clams can be eaten raw, steamed  and boiled. In India  Clams are consumed  more in the coastal regions, where a special dish called Tisaryachi Ekshipi, is prepared.

Salmon– It is classified as an oily fish and  is rich in  protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, and high vitamin D.Salmon is also a good source of cholesterol. The wild salmon is  found in the Pacific and others are found in the Atlantic ocean. The flesh of the Salmon  is orange and wild species are white fleshed.

Alaskan  King Crab–  Also known as stone crabs because of their body color. They are inhabitants of cold seas.The crab contains king size omega3. From a single crab you will get around 6.5 times your recommendation of vitamin B12, which is good for red blood cells. It also strengthens the bones as it contains a large amount of phosphorus.

Rainbow Trout It is found in the Pacific Ocean. The fish is also known as “steel head trout”. The species is rich in proteins, saturated fats, which is considered as a good fat as it is heart friendly and therefore it is counted as one of the healthiest fish. Farmed rainbow trout are raised in the fresh water and they do not have any Contaminants

PerchPerch is found in fresh water, it is also popular as a game fish. It has high content of the omega-3, selenium and the B12.

Oysters– It Is Found In The Salt Water. Oyster is rich in iron, omega3 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, vitamin C and cholesterol. It can be consumed raw, fried, or on the half shell. If eaten regularly they can provide a host of health benefits,like levels of heart and brain boost.

Flounder and Sole– Both are flatfish, found in the ocean. Both the fish have similar taste and nutritional content. According to the 2010 dietary guidelines, consuming 8 once of the fish reduces the risk of heart disease.The species have a high content of omega acid and vitamin B12, proteins,vitamins and minerals.Moreover, they contain all the essential amino acids.Sole and Flounder have low fat content

Pollock – It is another nutritional rich, marine fish, which is found in the Atlantic ocean. It is an excellent source of proteins and minerals and omega acids.

Striped Bass– Also known as Atlantic Striped Bass. They are inhabitants of fresh and salty water. The fresh Striped Bass has less content of the calories. The fish is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It contains negligible amounts of unhealthy saturated fats and cholesterol.

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