10 Best Free IPhone Apps 2014 You Can Check Out

Today I am going to tell you the best iPhone apps which you can use in your iPhone 4s and 5 both. In 2014 many new and good iPhone apps launched with great feature and access control. You can try these all apps in your iPhone and give me your review on this apps.

Here Top Best Apps for IPhone 5 and 4:

1. Radium – Free


Radium is the new and interactive radio system in iPhone you have ever use. You can easily use this app in your Mobile Phone just find station by name or region and set it as favourite with single tap.

2. Crossfader – Free


With this app you can feel like a DJ and enjoy music as you want. In this app you can mix two songs and add some rap or other music. In this app two song are play simultaneously, but the music is one and vocal are another. This is totally free app you can install from iTunes.

3. Carousel by Dropbox – Free


It is new iPhone Photo App with different feature, means this app is automatically saved and upload each picture you have click with your device. Their timeline become beautiful and you can share you photographs with your family and friends. Their storage capacity is larger than other cloud storage company.

4. Cloak — Incognito Mode for Real Life – Free


You can use this app to let you know where all your friends, and other people which you know the location. This app is only supported by instagram and foursquare but in future Facebook join them.

5.The Week UK – Free

the week uk

This one of the best news related app in iPhone I have ever use. In this app you got all news of past week with beautiful summarizes and interactive design pattern. I have tried so many news magazine apps in my device but The Week UK is best suits for me, their interface is really good and clean which easily understood. Their navigation makes easy to use this app.

6. Trunx – Free


In this app you can click pictures and store them into cloud storage for memories. You can also manage you pictures with different features. This app allow you to create album and shared with your friends and family member. You can get this app free from iTunes.

7. AirHelp – Free


If your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked then you get €600 as a compensation in EU. This app allow to help to get this compensation, just start this and enter you flight information, name address etc. this app works as a paper work and if you get compensation it take 25% of your amount.

8. Duolingo – Free


This app help while you travelling at that place where people speak at different language. In past people go to class to learn language, but now it become simple with this app to understand local language very easily. You can learn English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

9. Viber – Free


If you use Skype then it is easy to use this app. This app allow you to send audio, video, Pictures and text messages to people. This app provide you push notification feature with messaging and calling facility. You can install this app from iTunes without any payment.

10. Around Me – Free



All image source – www.itunes.apple.com

Around me is an app that identify your location and find everything that you want to be near you. Like hospital, chemist shop, ATM, hotels, Cinema, Bars etc. if you need money at unknown place then this app work for you to find atm at nearby you and get direction to go there and take money from ATM.

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