How to Take Backup of Your Blogger Blog

How to Take Backup of Your Blogger Blog
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backup of blog spot steps

It is very simple to import and export your blogger blog and this can be possible through setting tab of your blogger dashboard. BlogSpot is also a top free blogging platform with some limitation. Google have right to block your block blog at any time in case find any privacy violation, it is the biggest limitation of Google on BlogSpot blog. You can easily take backup of your blogger blog by “export button” in your setting and can be import your backup file to another blog simply. You can take some few simple steps in your dashboard and backup of your BlogSpot blog. Here few steps to help in export and import your blogger blog. First we discuss how to export Blogger Blog:

how to take backup of blog spot

How to Export Blogger Blog

Step 1: First login in your Blogger Account.

Step 2: Select your Blog which you want to export or download

Step 3: Select “Setting” in your Dashboard and click on “Others”.

Step 4: Click on “Export Blog” in Blog tool.

Step 5: After Click on Export Blog a Dialog Box is appear on your screen and then click on “Download Blog” Button and click “OK”.

And after click “OK” Button your Blog Backup Downloading is start.

How to Import Blogger Blog

how to take backup of your blog spot

Step 1: Repeat First Three Steps again and then start to import your backup blog.

Step 2: Select “Import Blog” in Blog Tool.

Step 3: New Window Will open, Click on “Browse” Button and select your downloading file you have been export or your blog.

Step 4: Enter Captcha and click on “Import Blog” Button.

blog spot backup

After click on import Blog Button your file is install in your blog and after fully installation you blog is ready to share your thought. You can also take backup of your blog template just go to your dashboard and select your blog which template you want to download. In your blog dashboard click on backup button at the top of the corner of your blogger dashboard and it automatically download full template in XML format

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