Apple iOS 8 – Some New Features You Must to Know

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Apple has unveiled the iOS 8 at WWDC, adding whole a lot more and giving a confirmation about the rumoured features. World leading brand Apple has confirmed to the sources that iOS 8 will launch this fall/Autumn for free for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display.

Operating System:

  • This operating system by Apple is far better with its dramatic redesign; one can certainly expect this year’s mobile operating system update to tie everything together with the theme of “convergence”.
  • Latest iOS 8 features tighter Mac integration while losing the restrictions on Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
  • With this operating system, new software can also be brought together that includes security and health gadgets together.
  • By the time iOS 8 is ready to be exposed, it is also expected to get some new and latest wearable gadget by this leading brand.

iOS 8 Compatibility-

  • While talking about compatibility, the Apple is sticking to the update scheme of requiring the iPhone 4S or above and iPad 2 or above it.
  • With this new iOS 8, all the iPads mini, iPads mini 2 tablets and the forever alone iPod touch 5th generation are also going to work with this new operating system.
  • However, these devices must use the Bluetooth 4.0, along with a low energy version antenna for constant syncing.

SMS & Phone calls with iOS 8-

  • iMessages is one of the amazing cross compatible tool for chatting on iOS devices and Macs.
  • The SMS and voice calls can be just like blue iMessages that are presently popping up on Apple tablets and computers, the iOS 8 may be folded into iPads and Macs.

Group Messages with Voice & Video in iOS 8 –

  • Group messages are being upgraded for iOS 8 and equipped with new features. With this, you can add and drop people from conversations and silence, all the time non-stop messages with a latest feature with Do Not Disturb toggle.
  • Location sharing will be getting a more use within iMessages, while it is just more than meeting up in a crowded location like any stadium or gigs. With this, the user can also benefit from snapchat like clips with inline voice and video messages.

Interactive Notifications in iOS 8-

  • iOS 8 is offering “actionable notifications” will allow you to respond inline.
  • With this, you can tap or drag on a banner or lockscreen alert, and type a reply, like or comment on facebook, confirm a friend’s request or contact, view the photo you have been tagged in and much more you can do without switching your apps.

Handoff and WiFi Hotspot-

  • Handoff feature is added in iOS 8 with the collaboration of OS X Yosemite which will allow you to pick up where you have left on the devices.
  • With this feature, you not need to reopen windows, or rewrite text on the computer without getting overlapping but making it easier for you to make your work hassle free.
  • Moreover, with its hotspot feature, you can anytime get your job done if you do not have access to internet at any moment.

HomeKit feature in iOS 8-

  • Without getting off the couch, Apple is offering a feature in its new iOS 8 with the collaboration of smart home electronics with its HomeKits framework.
  • Whether it is looking doors, turning off lights, shutting the garage, it is all made possible with this new operating iOS 8.
  • Therefore, there is much more which is going with Apple, but one thing in which this leading brand failed is the true split screen multitasking.
  • Likewise, public transit directions, photo preview apps and Text Edit app are also missing in iOS 8.
  • Thus, as the iOS 8 beta begins to update with new features every month, there are much more surprises that the techno freaks can expect with Apple, before the official release date is expected to happen in September.

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