Techniques to Control Your Anger before It Control You

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how to control anger

Let us talk on the Techniques to Control Your Anger before It Control You.  How to control anger is the big question behind the youth of the modern world. Nowadays either you are men or women everyone in is busy in their life so in this scenario they have to manage plenty of things according to their lifestyle, but nowadays one thing we need to manage one thing that is Anger, well Anger management is art that we all need to learn .It would be much better if we control our anger at initial stage we all know the proverb control the Anger before it controls you. Anger is just like fire which destroys the thinking power of man. According to ancient people if you have plenty of bad habit then it can be reform but you have not power to control your anger then you are weakest person.

How to control emotions

Basically angry and happiness are human nature literally it depends on situations; if we get situation according to our wish or we get the thing as per our wish then we feel happy and whenever we found something wrong or we found that situation is against us then we feel irritate so sometime this irritation turn into anger. If anger is in our control then nothing can better than this if our anger is out of control then watchful because somewhere you going to damage yourself.

Well consequence of anger is very dangerous so we observe different reactions of people as

• Some become violent whenever they are angry.
• Some emotionally hurts their relatives and their close friends.
• Some use abusive language.
• Some hurt himself physically whenever they are angry.

Well constant anger affect physical and mental balance, you may face many deadly diseases as blood sugar, high cholesterol level, weakened immunity system, heart disease and diabetes just because of uncontrolled anger. Consequence of anger does not end here it also destroy your mental balance, it not only destroy our thinking power even it also ruin our professional career and social reputation in society. So from here we are going to share you some easy way, which will not only help you to manage your anger even you will feel positive. Our advice will help you to achieve your goal and you will lead a healthier, content & satisfying life.

Simple and Effective Way to Manage Anger-

Accept Your Mistake-

how to get rid of anger

We often see in our society that people don’t want to accept their mistake they often blame other actually we should know self realization if we think honestly about our mistake then our problem will solve forever. Accepting Your mistakes is one of the Techniques to Control Your Anger before It Control You. 

Be Relax –

Nowadays in hectic life people have no time for relax. They have not much time to spend time with their family and friends that why they are leading stressful life so in this scenario stop your work for while and sit in relax way, spend time with your family , friends & kids; include this in your life definitely this will bring positive change in your life.


meditation tips

Whenever you are in stress or feeling unhappy then meditation is ultimate option, meditation will give you mental satisfaction and you will feel relax in this way you will far away from stress.

Change Your Place or Position –

anger management

Whenever you are angry then don’t stay on that place for long time change your position or place here I mean if you are sitting in your home then don’t stay there go to other room, terrace, balcony or go for outing. This will relax your mind and you will feel positive.

Close Your Eyes-

Whenever you are observing that situation is not your control or you are going to lose your temper then move from that place and close your eyes for 15 -20 second, this will definitely help you to manage your anger.

Write Down Your Feelings-

As we know that if we know that if we share our sorrow to someone then we feel relax similarly if we write down our feelings in notebook our diary then it also works as medicine for us this help manage our feeling , anger and emotions.


Well staying happy is not in our hand it depends on situation. We should remember one thing that money can’t buy happiness if we work for 24 hours and earns millions and we have no time to spend it with our family and kids then this money is useless. It is your decisions either choose your family or money. In the end we can say that with all these techniques you will get the ideal answer of how to control anger. 

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