5 Home Remedies to Get a Rid of Dandruff

how to get rid dandruff
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Dandruff is also known as Seborrhea mainly available on the scalps of many people and not even young but also old age people. As we move dandruff is also creating so many skin problems for the people because dandruff is also creating the pimples and acne on. What is the natural solution to get rid of dandruff? Therefore if you really want to achieve the natural home remedies to get rid of dandruff then this is the ideal place for you because in this article we will describe the natural and home remedies for dandruff cure.

Massage your hair with coconut oil and lemon

Coconut oil is one of the powerful and natural components for the users through which they can easily avoid the problem of dandruff and if you are thinking that coconut oil is the normal oil then you’re wrong because the oil is also responsible for the dandruff cure. The mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice is working on your hair with the effective way and you can easily remove the dandruff problem at home without using a harmful chemical with the help of coconut oil and lemon juice mixture.

Baking Soda:

Baking Soda for Dandruff

The Baking Soda is the powerful components for the problem of dandruff. As we know baking soda is also helpful for the youthful skin but only a few people know that baking soda is also beneficial for the problem of dandruff. The Baking Soda is working as a scrub and also exfoliated the scalp naturally. The main aim of the formula is removing the dead skin cells of a person. This is the essential component for building the flakes on the scalp and make dandruff zero. In the recent study and scientific research, it is also proven the fact that dandruff is also working as the dandruff remedy for the people.

Fenugreek Pack as a Dandruff Solution:

Natural remedies for hair

  • This is one of the best remedies to solve the problem of dandruff and if you use Fenugreek Seeds then you will get the shiny and long hair which you ever need in your life.
  • First, you have needed to soak some Fenugreek Seeds in Water Overnight.
  • Now drain the water and mash with the seeds and make the paste.
  • Apply the paste on your Scalp and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes shampoo your hair with the mild shampoo


Curd for Dandruff

The curd is the organic components and substances based formula which is effectively working for your hair and you can easily avoid the problem of dandruff if you apply the paste of curd on the scalp area. This is the best home remedy for treating dandruff.

  • Take two tablespoons of curd in a bowl
  • Apply the curd in your hair roots and scalp.
  • Now massage the with the curd paste on your scalp

Wash your hair after 30 minutes

Tea Tree Oil:

  • Tea Tree Oil is also known as the home remedies for dandruff and if you really want to get rid of the problem of dandruff then you should take the help of tea tree oil.
  • Apply some drops of Tea Tree Oil on your hair roots and scalp.
  • Massage with this supplement on the hair gently.
  • Wash Your hair after 30 minutes and get the dandruff free hair with the amazing shine.

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